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  • Nancy Rodriguez - Making better food choices at fast-food restaurantsI got this book for my boyfriend who is a cross-country trucker. During the course of his trips he has little choice as to where to eat, because parking for a large rig is limited, so he frequents fast-food restaurants. I bought this book to assist him in making better food choices and getting the most nutrition out of his meals when he on the road.
  • Heather Arturo "TruthAboutCaffeine.com" - Explains it wellThis diet for intestinal health will explain things as well as a doctor can on a range of problems, including Crohn's disease and colitis.
  • Jraptor - Heck yea! It's getting epic now. (updated) Earns another star (revision) (Miles to go. (But not too many; great expectations))After watching episode 3: I should never doubt Mr. Whedon. The series is really starting to roll. The reason I didn't recognize the names in the first episodes is that he is creating his own superheros (and maybe villans!). Episode 3 had me laughing in guilty expectation of some really cool stuff. Watch this series and give it a chance, you will not be disappointed.

    (After watching episode 2: Episode two gives the series another star in the rating. My hopes are high. This series has great pacing and obviously allot of money invested in it. The cool thing is that Joss Whedon has the habit of making characters that have allot of hidden abilities/talents which reveal themselves over time. Also, funded by Marvel, Joss may have been given a go ahead for the entire year, where he doesn't have to worry about some idiots cancelling his series (Firefly). This second episode got my hopes up even more and I just have a feeling its going to be one of his great ones

    My post-episode musings: I still think the name dropping was overdone, but I have very high hopes for this series. With Joss directing, I think its going to be great!)

    (After watching episode 1: With all the name dropping I imagine the Marvel - philes we're probably ejaculating with glee, however it was a bit flat for me. I don't know the personal names of all the marble superheroes so it slipped past me, I guess.
    It seemed a very slow start, but with Joss Wheadon directing, I'm sure it will pick up. I will continue to watch the series and I'll bet it turns into something great. It just isn't there yet.)
  • Bryan Dietz "Bryan Dietz" - Excellent!!!!I'm not going to write a long review. I been looking to buy a tablet for a few months and decided to wait for this one. I got mine ASUS Prime 64GB Champagne tablet about 2 months ago. All I have to say is that its a excellent Tablet. Very solid peace of hardware. I really love it. I also purchased a 64GB microsd card for it. Now my tablet has around 120 GB storage. Really could't find any tablet out there with better specifications, and when connected to the key board.... Man... No words. I have used the tablet and keyboard combination for my business for around 30 days to test it out and it worked great!!! No complaints. I really recommend this tablet. ASUS did a really good job on this tablet. I will give this one to my wife and will definitely buy the ASUS TF700 when it comes out.