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Hayes Town Medical Centre - Welcome to the Hayes Town Medical Centre - Bondcare working with NHS Hillingdon to provide a quality patient centred service.


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  • polar bear "pb" - Highly recommendedI have been using Kaspersky software since 2006, and have had no problems that I wasn't able to resolve by myself. Their software is easy to install and does not slow down my laptop. I also like the fact that the software doesn't interfere with any other software, unless there is a potential danger. I have used Norton and McAfee , before switching to Kaspersky, and wasn't impressed with either of them. If you purchase this software, you will not be disappointed.
  • Mike74 - Very SatisfiedMy wife has been using it constantly since she got. I seems to have good battery endurance as described, about 8 hrs. The installed programs are more than enough to get by. I would suggest getting an OTG cable if you want to extend the functionality and save things on a USB pen drive. We got the Graybean adapter hub and love it. The only thing we have found so far that is negative is it does not find the 5 GHZ wireless signal from my router. Our other tablet does.