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  • E. Lin - Remember to unpair your BT device!This dongle works like a charm when you follow the included instructions and remember to unpair the Bluetooth device that you want to pair with this dongle! I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit with the Motorola S305 headset. It was previously paired with my iPad2 and I spent some hours struggling with pairing with my PC when I realized that it had to be unpaired from my iPad2 first! For generic BT devices that have no keyboard to type in the pairing code (ie. headset), the default code is usually something like "0000" (you should have the BT device manual handy for the actual code).

    Hope this helps someone out there not waste their time pairing!
  • hjpool08 - finally helped my tummy troublesAfter suffering from the after-effects of cdif (bad bacterial problem)for about 11 months, a doctor recommended that I try Align. Although i still got sick a few times after taking it, my symptoms drastically decreased, and I eventually got my intestinal track back where it should be. Even now, over a year after starting Align, I am not planning on stopping. The few times I have forgotten to take it, I could tell a difference! If you go on an antibiotic or are having intestinal issues, I definitely suggest it!
  • Morgan - Recommended. But not for mud runsI have used this during a half marathon and a couple 10k's and it worked great. Light weight and I don't even notice I have it on. However, I did use it during the Spartan Beast and I would not recommend swimming with it in mud or crawling under barbed wire, in mud. Especially mud made mostly by cows. Because no matter how much I tried to wipe off the part that goes in my mouth, I still didn't want to drink out of it. Great for regular runs. I like that it has a little storage behind the water bag and a small zipper compartment on the back for keys or a phone.
  • E. Pope "Super profundo." - A God Among the Lilliputian HordeDiablo III is the ultimate incarnation of the genre that Diablo 1/2 popularized: The co-op action RPG dungeon crawl. After waiting 12 years for Diablo III, a few games came along that showed a little promise, like Titan Quest and Sacred, but their gameplay was dull, monotonous and unsatisfying. They weren't trying hard enough, and they were sticking too close to the formula.

    Diablo III is being criticized for two reasons: First, Diablo III is online-only. You can play with yourself, but you still need to be connected to a server. The reason that this was done is so that Blizzard can have greater control over the game; Diablo and Diablo II had an unspoken shelf life for online match-making: The original Diablo allowed you to save your characters on your hard drive and had no way of protecting them from modification, so became full of hackers who amplified their characters and equipment beyond what was intended to be in the game. Diablo II made an improvement with the addition of a "Closed", where characters would be saved server-side instead, but the issue still remained that hackers had all the resources at their disposal to figure out how to game the system and gain an edge. Eventually, when everyone you are playing with is cheating and you aren't, it's not fun anymore, and I'm not even sure if it's really "fun" for the cheaters either. Diablo III is a dream to play online; It's very easy to match up with others and there is no (and should be no) hacking to ruin the gameplay in the future.

    The second reason that Diablo III is being criticized is because of a popular but short-sighted attitude that Blizzard "dumbed down" the gameplay. Some obsessive individuals used to play Diablo 1/2 with a power-gaming attitude of tweaking each skill and stat so precisely as to gain the ultimate level of power from their character. This created a similar gameplay imbalance as cheating did: Some characters were simply far, far more powerful than other characters of the same level and class. Eventually, if you wanted to play competitively, you'd have to resort to the same sort of micromanaging and trickery in order to keep pace with the power, and that's simply not fun. Maybe some people enjoyed the level of customization that they had, but they customized their characters to overcome arbitrary restrictions.

    So Blizzard removed all the arbitrary restrictions, and not only did they take away a degree of choice from the users, but they also removed the issues that caused the users to obsess over those choices in the first place. The game is streamlined, the interface is simplified, and what you had to use a flurry of F-keys, number keys, and right and left mouse clicks to accomplish in Diablo II, can now be accomplished with such ease and simplicity that you can focus more on tactics than micro-gaming (compare Street Fighter with Super Smash Brothers, for instance: Simplifying the mechanics can make gameplay more natural and rewarding). Now, a lot of painful tasks of prior Diablo games (managing identify/town portal scrolls, picking up gold, allocating attribute points, grabbing items before they're stolen from you) are eliminated by making some commodities unlimited (with an activation cooldown to prevent abuse) and by revamping the entire multiplayer aspect to keep people from competing for limited resources.

    I am not a fan of World of Warcraft, and a lot of original Diablo fans are disappointed that this game is getting too close to WoW and departing from it's roots, but I'd disagree. I believe that Blizzard took their knowledge of what was good and what was bad about both WoW and Diablo II and forged a golden god of multiplayer PC gaming that will not die; Added to the three difficulty settings (Normal, Nightmare, Hell, each unlocking after beating the prior, respectively) is an "Inferno" difficulty and a very rewarding Hardcore mode (where your players are gone forever if they die, and you can only play with other HC players, making group survival more close-knit and exciting). I can see myself continuing to play this game for a very long time.

    Blizzard, you are good at what you do. Maybe it took 12 years, but this is the most crack-addled and rewarding Diablo they've released to date. I'm looking forward to the inevitable expansion pack.