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  • "djbern" - Full of AdventureMax, the 16 year old boy genious of FULL HOUSE, is a 30 something zillionaire inventor and adventurer, with enough time on his hands after besting Bill Gates to help his sister Dee Dee and her husband Frankie "The Assassin" Fontana, deal with some death threats.He finds himself lusting for the local newpaper owner, whom he teams up with to solve this caper. Its a load of fun I thought and full of plenty of fun characters. Its an easy read and not very deep, but certainly a fun, wild ride.I look forward to more by both these authors.
  • GadgetMan "Gadgets are GREAT!" - Solid, fast and top notch tablet/netbookHaving had the 1st model over the past few months, I could not wait to get the updated model with quad-core processor, and the thinner/lighter form factor. I must say, after a week of use, I could not be happier. As a tablet alone, it truly is a direct iPad2 replacement in terms of form, fit and function. For Apple lovers, get the iPad, for Android lovers, get the Prime.

    When combined with the keyboard dock, this unit has it all. Killer battery life, full keyboard (connected, not an extra accessory to carry around and better battery life instead of less, as you get with a bluetooth keyboard), full USB port for mouse, thumb drives etc and 2 memory card slots (both full size SD and micro SD, very handy).

    The rear facing camera takes very nice shots, and the new flash makes it even more useful. The sound is actually quite good and volume level seems to be more than enough. The new IPS+ screen is amazingly sharp and bright. One of my iPad friends was amazed at the screen sharpness and brightness and build quality (always nice to get a Apple fanboy to fondle your new Android device in amazement!).

    The new OS (Ice cream Sandwich or ICS)is a bit more refined, and combined with the quadcore CPU, it flies. For people into tablet gaming on the go, this thing has some stunning games out now, and more coming. The fast CPU, quick acceleraometer response and gorgeous screen, truley make it an amazing game tablet.

    Build quality is amazing. All metal and glass, almost no hint of plastic anywhere. Tablet alone is slim and solid, and when connected to the keyboard dock, it feels extremely solid like a slab of solid aluminum. I find myself picking it up all the time to marvel over it's slim, solid and well designed construction. The dock connection between the tablet and keyboard is so solid, it feels like a small laptop when connected. It does not feel like a removable connection. Truly well designed and built.

    In a word, SEXY!
  • H BAKER "lefur" - Should be required reading in College. - 10 StarsI note there are several negative reviews on this item. It only shows that people don't want to be confused with facts, particularly if they disagree with them. As usual, it's brilliantly written, contains well documented facts, is informative, and gets you in the gut. At times it's also amusing, save for the seriousness of the subject. She's just sensational. 5 stars isn't high enough, 10 might do.
  • MarLa - PotP: One of the most important books I've ever read...This book is a quick read. It, also, makes so much sense. Whether you are a man, woman, newbie, seasoned, mother, father it points out a dramatic quality. It actually points out some level of primal restraint, decency, and abstinence. The concept of falling in love with how some one treats you is patentable. I am so glad I downloaded this book. I see everything a little rosier and pinker. A woman needs to prize herself and then obviously the men and ultimately a true gentleman will recognize she is the lady they have been waiting for. I have told my daughters about it and am emphasizing its principles. It's that good. I will encourage each of of my daughters to read it.

    Reading PotP was empowering.