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  • C. Smith "Briarpatch" - Well written, by someone who has really studied the subject matter.Lots of Christians in the US are not going to like this book because of the conclusions the author reaches. They are happy with their lifetime of hearing the party line from various Christian churches. This is about the original person, Jesus of Nazareth versus the complicated person of The Christ that was written about in the New Testament, which was written many years after his death. I am personally interested in learning and this book has provided me with lots of new information, and also helped me to clarify my own feelings about spirituality. Don't approach this with immediate hostility, and you might learn something.
  • eyedoc - Really helpsI have used this for a few years now. I used to be on prescription medicine for IBS. Since using this, I no longer need it. And it is much cheaper on Amazon than in the store.
  • Michelle - attractive and usefulThe 2011 Ford fiesta is an awesome car but it lacks in storage and, obviously, a place to rest your arm! This armrest takes care of both these issues. It is easy to install and in no way looks like you did it yourself. No one can tell that it didn't come standard. Cup holder is a nice touch since it does block the three in the console.