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  • Pinchy - Too Many Joke ReviewsThere are way too many joke reviews about this, I bought this earlier this week and it came in 3 days. It's in the exact same container its pictured in. However I apparently was sent a far more active rock then whats pictured, mine being 1800/cpm, I guess what you get is a complete crapshoot. It's a fairly decent sized rock, takes up about 10% of the container. Also it came with this cool certificate of radiation measurement from Images SI Inc, I think I'm going to frame it.

    I still have NO idea what to do with this seeing as I bought it as a joke novelty (who can say that about a chunk of uranium? Go USA!) Maybe it can be a nice conversation starter at parties.
  • Sunny Jim - I didn't think I could afford this cable...... what with the economy and all. It really was a shame. I took out a massive HELOC loan on my sub-prime McBox back in '07 when it was worth $750 per sq ft at the height of the bubble. I had purchased only the very most expensive audio equipment I could find, because deep down, everyone knows that the intrinsic value of any human being can only be expressed in the value of the commodities they purchase.

    So it was to much chagrin that I learned about the amazing reviews the Denon AKDL1 had been receiving on Amazon only AFTER the bank had started the foreclosure proceedings on my home. If only I had back the money I had sent the televangelist that was screwing the hockey player! As luck would have it though, just last month I received an email from a gentleman in Nigeria that offered to cut me in on a sizable inheritance from a long lost uncle that shared my own last name! Just like Ed What-His-Name showing up on my porch to tell me I have won the sweepstakes! So I did what any sensible person would and took out the remaining $1k on my last over-drawn credit card in the form of a cash advance for 80% interest, sent $500 to the African for the processing fee along with my checking account routing number and $500 to the good folks at Denon for the coveted AKDL1.

    And let me tell you, friend, only two words for the AKDL1 - Mission Accomplished! This was far and away the best money I have ever spent. Even better than the time I pawned my great-grandfather's life-long coin collection for that 3 day cocaine fueled bender in Vegas with the twins from the strip club!

    The Fed-Ex man arrived right on time around 4 PM in the evening, just as my neighbors were returning home from work. I know the 27 yr old hottie down the street enviously watched me signing for that Denon box and I am pretty sure I walked in on two of my other neighbors talking about my highly refined taste in Ethernet cabling yesterday.

    From the time I picked up the box, I felt like a much better person, both physically and emotionally. Can you really put a price tag on that? I think not! I unwrapped my prized cable and took a lengthy bubble bath, lit some candles and said a quick prayer to Moloch before hooking it up. The quality of the plastic termination connectors cannot be understated. Most cables just un-dramatically snap into place when inserted into the port. The Denon cable clicks into place much in the same fashion, but when you take your hand away, you see the snazzy Denon logo on the end which, again, re-enforces that personal feeling of refinement and superiority.

    After powering up the $40k home theater system, the music from my ultra-premium $8k Denon universal player flows through the cable to the receiver like straw through a goose! The sound can only be described as clear as an un-muddied lake and as crystal blue as the sun from an azure summer sky! Listening to the White Album, I heard things I never heard before in the recording. Halfway through, I actually felt like the 5th Beatle! eating Orange Sunshine acid with Ringo and Paul! This might be a bit distorted though. Towards the end of the album, I remembered that I hadn't taken my 12 schizophrenia medication yet.

    After a couple more days of trying it out, all I can say is the revolutionary 'signal directional markings' certainly make for 'optimum signal transfer'. Those folks at Denon really thought this one through! I did some testing by holding my wifes vibrator up to the cable and the 'high quality insulation' and 'woven jacketing' insulation really works. I believe this cable could easily hold up to a 9.9 scale earthquake! With no signal degradation!


    Only the purest, purity of the pure copper wiring of the upmost purity is used in the AKD1. Denon uses equal parts of ancient Mesopotamian spear tips, Roman Drachmas fondled by Julius Ceasar himself and decorative copper from the Aztec pyramid of Tenochtitlan for the wiring in the AKDL1. The refinement process is quite complex and also partial classified. All we know for sure is that the NASA advanced research lab, the NSA and the Air Force Area 51 and 'skunkworks' labs are all heavily involved.

    All in all, once my Nigerian friend comes through, I will buy as many AKDL1 cables as I can!
  • Chassie Jones - Highly recommend Miss Jessie's Curly MeringueThis product is awesome. I have been through numerous products trying to find the product that's best for my hair. This has been the only one I've found that defines the curl as well as holds the moisture. If you are considering this product stop considering and purchase it, you'll love it!!!
  • Harold Cameron "HaroldSays" - It's Just A "Radical" Book - That's All There Is To It!First, I have nothing but great regard for Pastor and bestselling author David Platt. Not only is he quite "Radical" in how he ministers to the people who attend his church, but he is also "Radical" in his thinking and writing. And his first book titled "Radical" is well..."Radical!"

    In his book Radical Pastor Platt writes about a whole new level of Christian thinking and living...the type of Christian thinking and living that is not often seen practiced yet in America. His book is a clarion call to Christians to be radically different that people in our world will take notice of who we are and what we believe.

    In Chapter 1 of his book titled "Someone Worth Losing Everything For" author Platt goes right for our spiritual jugular vein and challenges us as his reader to `radical abandonment" to follow Jesus Christ. No going for a small spiritual vein in the first chapter of his book. No, he goes right to the jugular vein and confronts us with the reality that since Christ let his blood flow for us and our eternal salvation we should let our lives flow in the here and now present world as divinely appointed messengers of the "Biblical Gospel." And he drives home his point about our loving Someone Worth Losing Everything For from a personal life-transforming experience he had meeting with persecuted believers in a secret house church in Asia to study the Word of God, pray and fellowship. To those precious saints to follow Christ was a radical call to be willing to literally lose everything including their lives for Jesus Christ and the sake of living out and sharing the Biblical Gospel. This is a type of radical commitment to Christ that is far removed from what many so called professing Christians practice in America today.

    In Chapter 2, "Too Hungry For Words," he shares how he ministered to people in a secret house church in Asia, which for him and all in attendance was a dangerous situation, and how "hungry' the people were for the Lord and his Word and that the Lord and his Word was enough for them. He shares about how he tried an experiment at his church one Friday night called "Secret Church" where everything that most mega-church Christians hold dear was taken away from them and all they would do is read and study the Word of God and pray for six hours - from six PM until Midnight...and the first time they did it they had over a thousand people show up. He relates that when they do it now they have to take reservations to be able to properly accommodate the members of the church who attend. He writes that's what happens when discover the truth and beauty of the gospel. I wonder in my heart is if he is not preparing his people for what one day just might be the real thing in our country...having to meet secretly to worship God and study his Word under the threat of losing everything including our lives. "Secret church," think about that idea for a while if you will.

    In Chapter 3 he addresses the issue of "Beginning At The End of Ourselves." That's paradoxical isn't it? To truly find yourself, the `You" that God has recreated you spiritually to be; you have to lose yourself in him to gain what truly matters most. He shares about the greatness of our God and his work in our lives and how we desperately need to rely on him and his power to be who God wants us to be and accomplish what he wants us to do. Author Platt shares appropriate Scripture passages to "back up" what he is writing as well as personal stories throughout the book to reveal to us as the reader of his book what it looks like to live the "radical" kind of life that Christ has called us to live. This is so we can fulfill the "global" purposes of God as individuals and also as we minister through our own Multiplying Community of believers. To live radically for Christ not only affects and involves each and every one of us on a personal level, but as author Platt informs us, it also affects and involves us on a community level as part of a community of believers.

    It is in Chapter 6 that he asks an uncomfortable and unsettling question, "How Much Is Enough?" In this chapter he addresses the issue of wealth, of worldwide poverty, and how we then are to live as disciples of Christ in light of the great and many needs that exist in our world. Author Platt gets very personal in this chapter and strikes at a nerve that for many Westernized Post Modern Christians causes them to feel very uncomfortable and nervous. But the question needed to be asks and needs to be asked over and over again for us as believers as we live in the land of plenty and abundance while millions of people worldwide live in poverty...hungry and without the barest of necessities of life. So, do we really need all the stuff or could we give much of what we have away in this world knowing that we are heading for a far better world one day where we will want and suffer no more. He shares a true story from the life of John Wesley about a purchase he once made for his apartment. And what a sobering story it is.

    Chapter 7 is a clarion call to action for us as get going places and doing things in the service of God AND author Platt does not see this as an option for us to consider but rather as something we should want to do and must do to fulfill the Great Commission. Getting going for God and being used by him to be a part of his global plan of reaching people from all nations and all races with the Gospel is why as author Platt writes, "Going Is Urgent, Not Optional." For all the number crunchers and people in America who like to always count the cost of everything and evaluate the risk to reward ratio in everything they do, Pastor Platt candidly shares the Risk And Reward Of Embracing and Living The Radical Life in Chapter 8. He provides us with some good examples to consider such as Jim Elliot who died trying to minister to an Indian tribe in South America, or John Paton, David Brainerd and others who risked it all to ultimately gain it all when they safely arrived at Heaven's golden shores. And in Chapter 9 he concludes his book with the "Radical Experiment;" that is taking one year of our life to be "radically" turned upside down. It is a challenge to think and live differently. He refers to such practical steps as praying for the world, reading through the Word, sacrificing what we don't need so others in real need can have what they require to survive. And for people who need something in writing to make a commitment real in their life he provides a "Radical Experiment" commitment form the reader can complete to remind them of their promise or commitment to live their life for Jesus in a whole new and "Radical" way.

    If you are no longer satisfied with just the spiritual status quo in your life and you want to be totally and "Radically' challenged and changed to live life as Jesus Christ would have you live it for him, then purchase a copy of this book. Read it, pray fervently and passionately about what you have read and how as a result YOU are going to join the "Radical" movement to be part of the Kingdom of God's movers and shakers for the glory of God and his Son Jesus Christ here on earth beginning just as soon as you finish reading the book.

    I received a complementary copy of Radical from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Company for reviewing it.