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  • Mom of 5 - This machine ROCKS!!!Living in Italy we would always hear how American coffee tasted like 'dirty water.' We never truly 'got' that until now. Before this machine, even though Italian coffee was fantastic tasting, we still thought our American coffee tasted pretty good. Regular coffee is completely ruined for us now, and we may as well give away our coffee maker. This machine is the absolute BOMB! Seriously, cappuccinos and lattes never tasted so good. Just make sure to get a good quality espresso roast. We like Gevalia. Oh, and make sure to use a couple of splashes of vanilla extract for the taste of perfection. For the chocolate lover, just add a packet of hot chocolate mix to the carafe when making a double (half packet for the single serving). I'd give this machine 10 stars if I could! You are gonna LOVE it!
  • Mary "Mary" - This book changed my life!Guided by the book, I started the SCD diet in June 2007 (9 months ago). At the time I was on Remicade and had had a bowel resection for my Crohn's disease. I have suffered for over 20 years with the disease and my doctor said I would be on Remicade for the rest of my life. After being on the diet for only 3 months, my insurance changed so drastically that I could not afford the Remicade. With great trepidation, I took myself off of it. I have now been off of Remicade for 6 months. While I am still healing, my life is so very different than it was a year ago. I never miss work, I have no pain, I no longer need to plan my life around trips to the restroom. I credit the book, God, and the diet for my miraculous healing. The diet is very difficult and I really did not think I had the will power to tackle it. I am so glad that God gave me the strength. Although the SCD diet is quite restrictive, it is not as restrictive as inflammatory bowel disease!
  • Avery - Awesome Book!I teach a video class at a small private school and this book is on the recommended read list and next year it will be required reading. The quick-start guide "12 Easy Ways to Make Your Video Better Now" is a great introduction to the rest of the book. The book is light on the technical and heavy on the useful. This is a great book for my students and anyone wanting to shoot good video. The chapters are short, to the point, and easy to read. The book is entertaining and informative. I should use the book as a guide to do a video review.
    Thanks Steve for making videography fun again!