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  • Raymond W. Milek - Easy to install, least expensive and the bestInstead of renewing over the web, I buy a new KIS every year from Amazon. Least expensive way to go, and the easiest to install.
    One well learned lesson from years ago, uninstall the existing AV, no matter what kind, and then do a new install from the new CD. After the install, it will update itself. Takes a little time, but worth every second. Then run for another year problem free. Just be sure that all traces of any existing AV's are uninstalled before inserting the new disc. Doing an offline disc cleanup and defrag before the new install helps too.
    In the end, have been best satisfied with the KIS, and I've tried them all. Have never had any virus problems with the KIS.
  • M. Linn "Angel O'Death" - my 22 month old loves it***UPDATE: This is still great, but i wish i would've gotten a kindle Fire HD or a tablet similar now. After buying this, then having to buy the $40 battery charger pack & a few $20 games & a few $20 App Download Cards, etc... and seeing that i was only able to find TWO free apps (on retailmenot.com ... NOT from LeapPad) well, you do the math. Plus, my daughter is the only one that uses it, which is probably better anyways as i just give it to her and don't get as mad when she gets it dirty or drops it-thankfully i had the foresight to buy screen protectors and protective gel skin covers). Summary, consider buying this product, definitely as it may fit your family perfectly, but for $200 (when you include all the accessories) + $$$$$ all the money for the games and apps = maybe a REAL tablet would be better value

    my niece loves it too. i bought two of these things (princess bundle). my daughter is younger than the recommended ages for it and she loves it too. she can navigate around in it on her own. she calls it her iPad. well... maybe i taught her to... anyways. if you're looking for a great gift for a child, this is the perfect one.
  • Edward R. Cerny "Consultant" - His eye is on the sparrow.Andy Andrews is the 21st century's best story teller. His latest book, The Noticer Returns, is a real gem. It's like reading a 2013 version of Miracle on 34th Street, only instead of Santa Claus there is Jones, just plain Jones. And instead of New York City there is Fairhope, AL. Andy develops an intriguing story line that you love following chapter after chapter. There is a nugget of wisdom in each chapter. And you'll feel refreshed when you close the last page in the epilogue. A very practical book - I highly recommend it to you.
  • Richard D Spano - a contemporary and detailed continuation of the "Making of the President" literary traditionHalperin and Heilemann repeat the tension and suspense of "Game Change" in "Double Down" by filling their narrative of events with the deep background detail that describes for the reader their take on events we all witnessed, intertwining relationships that the citizen follower of a National Election might not even know of, let alone understand, and by doing so brilliantly, shining a light on the immense and infinite layers of our political system of choice, all while creating a narrative impossible to put down, even though the reader picks it up already knowing the ending....a thoroughly enjoyable read, regardless of ones political leanings and beliefs.