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  • Nikki P. - Beautiful Treasure!What began as a book about the beautiful Italian seaside including one of my favorite places in the world, Cinque Terre, turned into a gorgeous novel of intertwining vignettes about the paths and purposes of life's journey. Despite the often difficult paths of the main characters (of which there are many surprising protagonists) I ended this book feeling wistful, hopeful, and with a desire to focus on the moment. How does a book successfully combine Italy, Hollywood, Idaho, Richard Burton, World War 2, modern day celebrity, and spirituality? This author shows you how. And leaves you with a lovely lingering vision. Great summer read.
  • Cindy K. Green - also a must for remote area'sI purchased this along with "women without doctors". This book did appear to have been used slightly more that I thought but still an excellent buy and none of the pages were removed or unusable. I left this book also in a remote village where medical care is difficult to get to. I would recommend this as a must have for those remote or unavailable medical treatment. It doesn't replace medical care but can provide some desperately needed help until it can arrive.