Download Current Diagnosis and Treatment Emergency Medicine by C.Keith Stone pdf - Download Current Diagnosis and Treatment Emergency Medicine by C.Keith Stone pdf ;; Really anything that i like the most about this watch.

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City: Kharkiv, Kharkivs'ka Oblast'

  • Dee Martin - Indispensible book for frequent referenceWhen the last life-upsetting event happened within my family, all I could do was sit and cry-until the 3rd day, when my loving daughter-in-law offered to loan me her "Life Code" book to read. I agreed and began that day. By the end of the first chapter, I realized that I had stopped crying. By the end of the second chapter, my headache was gone and by the end of the third chapter, a whole bunch of lights were coming on, related to being able to "peg" a few characters in my environment whom I have had past (and present) dealings with. I couldn't put the book down! I had to return the book and thanked my sweet D-I-L for "savng my life" BUT! I immediately downloaded this book to my Kindle-where I can re-read it (and I certainly do!), anytime I want or need to. In a word, this book is INDISPENSIBLE!!
  • TK421 Why aren't you at your post? - Review after 2 Weeks of Frequent UsageI've been using my 32GB Champagne Gold Prime for 2 weeks now and I've been very impressed. It is definitely the best tablet on the market in terms of specs and in terms of best specs for the price. At the same price as other tablets but with (usually) double the specs (e.g. quad-core for the price of a duel core, 32GB for the price of 16GB) this tablet is attracting a lot of attention.

    Here's my thoughts:

    - Gorilla Glass front and aluminum backside is simply stunning to look at, I would even call it sexy
    - Very quick screen transitions. I've only noticed a small amount of lag <1% of the time, which is better than all other tablets including the iPad2.
    - The range of the WiFi excellent. It is as far as my laptop and my phone (Droid X, WiFi issues were fixed as far as I'm concerned)
    - This tablet is the only Ice Cream Sandwich (Android OS 4, newest OS) tablet out there at the time I'm writing this
    - Ice Cream Sandwich lets you "freeze" apps. This is normally needed on carrier provided phones (though it's not really needed because there is very little to no bloatware on it -- the preinstalled apps I actually use, unlike my Droid X which has so much Verizon crap on it). So even though it's not needed, it's a nice feature to have "just in case".
    - Camera works well (not that I'd ever use a tablet as a camera, people that do that I just want to laugh at)
    - The Gorilla Glass screen simply doesn't scratch (aluminum backside is another story)
    - The Battery lasts for 2 days under moderate-heavy usage.
    - The screen looks brilliant. Netflix and THD apps look amazing. ASUS is coming out with a 1920x1200 model over the summer, I don't see how a resolution upgrade will affect the view on a 10.1" screen)
    - And the best feature for last... This tablet is able to handle THD apps (Tegra 3 only apps) which offer higher performance and better visuals. There are about 10 THD apps on the Android market right now and Nvidia is pushing to get many more out there over the coming months (like Feb-March 2012)

    - Bluetooth works fine. No surprises or problems. Kind of hard to get excited about a normally performing Bluetooth.
    - Comes with an ICS and an ASUS Keyboard, both are 'meh'. They get the job done but are rather dull. I use "Thumb Keyboard 4" from the Android Market which is totally awesome on tablets.
    - Even without GPS activated it can find out where I am. I haven't tested out if the real GPS (satellites) works yet (I don't see many reasons to be concerned with GPS on a WiFi only tablet, the only time I think it would be useful would be if you lost your tablet and you want to locate it via PC).
    - The backside of it looks very sexy but is the reason for said GPS issues, it is also prone to scratches. I've scratched the backside once so far by placing it on my car keys by accident. I got a leather tablet case to solve that problem.
    - And the most important "SO-SO" for last: Pictures and Media can be viewed on the microSD Card without having to transfer them to the tablet, but sadly apps cannot be installed to the microSD Card. This is better than the Sony Tablet S because that tablet only allowed the transferring of files on the microSD Card, you can't view anything on it)

    - Fingerprint magnet like most tablets out there.
    - No 3G/4G (can be fixed by tethering connection to cell phone via WiFi or Bluetooth)
    - Some of the apps on my phone (like Plants vs. Zombies) do not yet work on Android Tablets/ICS.

    UPDATE: If you see the 32GB for anything over $499 and the 64GB for anything over $599 you are getting ripped off. $499/$599 are the standard prices specified by ASUS. People have been buying these tablets for the standard price and reselling them for higher.