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  • nmoore - a great program.I got this program and used it to help me see where my money is going. It's a Great program. It automatically downloads my info from my bank now and then I can see what's going on. It has helped tremendously. I have been about to save $700, which I have put into savings in two months because of this program. Thank you quicken.
  • Gabrielle Nain - Good productAll my expectations were met. Truly one of the sleekest tablets on the market. Love it and can't take my hands off it.
  • C Wahlman "cdub" - Another Beautifully crafted Holiday CollectibleOnce again Mattel has crafted another beautiful holiday collectible. I find 2012 to recall a glamorous Barbie, rather than some of the trendier styles of past years (see 2006's Barbie - Holiday Barbie 2006 Doll by Bob Mackie (2006) Mattel).

    Barbie is stunning in 2012 in a shimmering red strapless gown. The gown is accentuated by a beautiful stylish bow with silver glitter embellishment reminiscent of a holly branch. The shimmering fabric is filled out with matching red tulle beneath. Barbie has complimentary silver earrings and a necklace.

    Her beautiful blonde hair is side parted and rolled in thick tendrils. Her make-up is very dramatic iridescent pearl eyebrow highlight with brown eye shadow and lips a deep red to match her gown.

    The box is a white, silver, and red Christmas tree and present scene to display Barbie in all her glory.

    She is a collectible doll, so I do not take her out of her box. I do not recommend this doll for young children, or those who wish to play with the doll in regular Barbie fashion. Although she is not a very expensive collectible doll, she is still a collectible doll, so please use caution.

    I highly recommend those who collect Barbie, or for those who wish to start. Do also look into the matching ornament.
  • Tony Fisher - UK Users Read This!Users of the old UK versions of Quicken will find that it will not work on Windows 7 and many seem to be looking for a replacement since Quicken left the UK market some years ago. There are no really decent UK home finance programs. The answer is to buy the US version of Quicken Deluxe. It is easy to convert it so that British Pounds are your home currency. First off, choose Edit menu>Preferences>Quicken Program. Then select Calendar and Currencies and then tick the box marked Multicurrency Support. After that, click on Tools in the menu bar, then select Currency List, select UK Pound Sterling in the list and then click Home and OK. After that everything will be in Pounds.

    Quicken will allow you to open accounts in foreign currencies like the Euro if you have them and handles foreign currency much better that the rival programs.

    There are some Americanisms like "check" instead of "cheque" but they don't get in the way. Also, when you register, you need to disable the registration prompt because it needs a valid US based address. To do this, hold down the CTRL and SHIFT keys and click on the Tools menu then One Step Update. I didn't know this so that I now live in Alaska and my zip code is 12345!

    When setting up new accounts, check the "Advanced Setup" at the top of the first box and then select manual entry to avoid problems. After that, all will be well.

    Quicken beats all the other home banking and finance programs hand down; it makes the competition look amateur. It is so much easier to work and much more sophisticated. It won't copy your previous Quicken data, but none of the other programs will either, despite what they claim.