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  • T. E. Yates "Tommy" - These types of stories are rare.I would consider myself to be an avid reader. Post apocolyptic fiction is one of my favorite genres. I happened upon this book and read the synopsis and bought the first of the first of the series. I was blown away by the stroyline. I have already purchased and started the second of the series Shift, and it promises to be just as much of a good read. My legs grew weak as I read about trudging up and down the steps of the cylinder, and it is almost claustrophobic to think of spending hundreds of years underground with no idea that people just like you are undergoing a simalr hardship just a few hundred feet away. I look forward to hearing about how the clamity came to be, and how we did this to ourselves. I am sure there are many more surprises that Mr. Lowery has for Juliette and the peoples of silos 17 and 18. Consider me a fan!
  • book lover - super helpful info !Written in plain language about medical treatment & health care. If you live in the country or mountains you should have this book.
  • K. Cone - A Place for Everything!I surprised my husband with this awesome cycling bag for his birthday. Boy, did he love it! He immediately commented on the brand name when he saw it and said what a top of the line brand it was. There are so many special compartments that serious bikers would appreciate. My husband has used it for traveling to bike races and also for weekend rides. It's a darn good looking bag and while it was expensive, it was worth it. I know my husband will use this for many years and hopefully, he'll remember how cool his wife is for buying it for him.
  • A. Fleming - Daughter read it in less than an hour..My sweet pre-teen has social anxiety and has been really struggling with friendships at school. We don't have insurance right now so counseling isn't an option (although she is on low dose Prozac from her pediatrician). Anyway, she came to me the other night in tears about how paralyzing it has been around girls in her school and how she feels so hopeless and doesn't know what to do. SO I jumped on Amazon and bought this book and 2 others to try to help her. When the arrived, she was embarrassed as hell and didn't want to read them. I told her to go in her room, shut the door, and just take a look and if she truly thought they were worthless, we could send them back. She came out about two hours later and this book had been her favorite one. She was really excited at the ideas the book gave her on things to say in really specific situations. Not just to her friends, but to teachers and other adults too. They help with bullying situations (which, thank God, we haven't encountered yet except for some passive aggressive BS) and with just small talk in the hallway with friends or how to reply to unexpected snark. She has since put a few of these in her mind back and she said it really takes the pressure off trying to come up with the "right" thing to say. Is it a immediate and perfect answer to kids who are shy/social anxiety. No. But for her, it seemed to be full of great starting points that simply made the difference between having some small positive interactions and being completely silent and disappearing into the wallpaper. (For the record, I am not a fan of the whole American Girl doll line - I think they are pretentious - But I love both this book and The American Girl Body Book....both great for every girl's bookshelf.)
  • buying_for_the_win - PERFECT CAMERA for students and amateur photographersincredibly fast processing speeds, dynamic apature ranges, and even novelty settings like the "toy camera" emulator! the manual settings are fast and easy (unlike the HS20 i started out with). THIS CAMERA IS AWESOME!

    fantastic manual features
    pin sharp images
    manual focus has been greatly improved

    proprietary battery gives me an insecure feeling since i can't just swap out AA's like prior models.
    max exposure time is 30 seconds, not quite enough for night time/dark situation photography
    previous model remotes do not work on this one...