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  • Tommy Wright II - Please be patient.I'm not sure if many of you Diablo players are basketball fans like I am, but NBA2k11 had these same types of problems when it first came out. It was a nightmare and everyone was complaining that nothing was working properly. But then the issues were fixed, and it is now considered the best basketball video game (some even consider it the best sports game period) of all time. I really do believe that Diablo 3 is a game that will go down as one of the greatest games of all time once all of the fixes and expansion packs come. The issues will be fixed, and who knows, they may even add offline play in the future. Please be patient.
  • R. Johnson - The only thing that works!I can't recommend Abreva highly enough. Whenever I feel a cold sore coming on (that tingling feeling in my lip) I start to apply it immediately. It helps cold sores to heal faster (occasionally they don't even completely "erupt"), AND it makes them less painful! Get several and keep one at work, at home, and in the car. You'll want to use it at the first sign of a cold sore! The price is pretty good on Amazon... it's as much as $25 in some drug stores. Also, be sure to get the tube, not the "pump." I found you waste a lot with the pump because you can't control how much product comes out each use.
  • Gadget Girl - Great educational tablet for kidsMy daughter has a Leap Pad 1 and has enjoyed it for the past two years. We have a variety of apps; her favorite is the Jake and the Neverland Pirates app and the drawing app (included with Leap Pad). She also enjoys watching Dora videos.

    The LeapPad 2 adds some great new features. The Monsters Univ. bundle has an adorable design and comes with a protective silicone skin, which is really cute. Setup is relatively simple using LeapFrog Connect software.

    The features that the LeapPad 2 adds above the original Leappad is a front-facing camera, more memory (4 GB vs 2 GB) and better battery life. Perhaps our favorite thing is the improved battery case. The original leappad required you use the stylus or a coin to "pry" open the battery cover. It was a total pain and broke a stylus one time. This one has a hinge and is so much easier, which is good, because you do replace the batteries quite a bit. You can get a power adapter (instead of using batteries). If you use AA batteries I definitely recommend rechargeable batteries and this burns through them pretty quickly.

    Overall the LeapPad is a great product for kids age 3-9. Some of the apps are a little challenging for my 4 year old, but she will grow into the device with time. I don't have to worry about durability or her breaking it. It's nice and solid, her LeapPad (original) is still going strong. Another great educational product from LeapFrog.