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  • Ian Thomas Murphy - This thing is amazing!I couldn't fit the dang thing in my computer. After about two hours of mulling it over I finally was able to figure out that this thing could be rotated 180 degrees and fit into the slot like a dream. I tried some cruddy $10 dollar Ethernet cord from Radio Shack, and even the 'click' upon inserting it into the slot sounded better.
  • Matt - Worth the wait!This is my first tablet (64 gb gray) and let me tell you it is unreal. It was absolutely worth the wait. Everything about it is awesome...the design, processor, screen is beautiful. GPS is bad but who is honestly going to us this in their car. That is not a deal breaker. I have played with quite a few tablets and I can honestly say this is the best. Wayyyyy better than the Ipad and all other Android tablets. Highly highly recommend!
  • SarahDawn - Love Love Love this play mat!!!My daughter love this! She will play with it for 30 minutes at a time easily. She is 7 months now and we have had it since she was 4 months old. She couldn't reach the toys when we bought it, but loved looking at herself in the mirror and kicking the piano keys. Now she loves playing with the toys and spins herself around to press the keys with her hands. She loves to sit in between the toys and piano and play with both at once also. It is one of her and my favorite toys! I recommend it to everyone!!
  • Deborah J. Sloan - Motherhood Gone WrongThis thrilling compulsive read will have you sitting on edge of your chair with every page. The recent Online event marking the release of Still Missing by Chevy Stevens was a great success. Though I myself missed it by only minutes, I felt so bad. I've been reading this fabulous debut novel by Chevy Stevens and I must say this woman's writing feels too good to be true. If you love reading thrillers like I do then you'll know what I mean when I say I'm looking for something to read that will give me goosebumps for days on end. Well this book does just that!

    You may not think that being a woman real estate agent is a very dangerous job, but for Annie O'Sullivan it became the stage for taking her away from everything she knows by a psychopath who kidnaps her holding her captive in a place so isolated and secure that hope seems impossible. Can a psychiatrist ever really help someone come fully back from such a terrifying experience? When every moment could mean your death yet you still identify with your abductor in many ways.

    The end will surprise you. I highly recommend picking up a copy of Still Missing by Chevy Stevens and I'm certain there will be more great works from her in the future.
  • AZCook - Great for an electric grill!Assembly is not difficult, if you read the directions and follow the pictures.

    The grill heats up very quickly and gets super hot (right up to 500 within 15 minutes), and does a nice job of grilling. Of course, it's nothing like a gas grill, so it doesn't have a BBQ flavor, so the food tastes like something that is pan fried, but, it does act like a grill and does leave nice grill marks. lol

    I purchased this as a gift, and the recipients are most pleased, and use the grill a few times a week. It's great for apartments and condos!

    I think for the price and type of product, this grill really delivers.