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  • ryanmccoy - Can Cormac McCarthy BE anymore brilliant?McCarthy proves yet again why he deserves to be considered as one of the greatest writers of his time in this harrowing instant-classic. The Road takes on McCarthy's unique prose to deliver a chilling tale about the trials faced by a boy and his father in the world that comes after us. The story is told in a way that only McCarthy could write. The innocence of the boy and the love of his father stand out in stark contrast to the cold, dead world they live in allowing the reader to, against the odds, feel a heart warming gratitude for the relationships in his/her own life.

    Keeping in line with other McCarthy novel, it's not the easiest to get through at some points due to a fairly nature, but the end result is worth the effort.
  • JenisaurusRex - Perfect for researchlike other brilliant books before it, the 2011 BB is a great resource for casual fans as well as die-hard whovians. I like that the Annuals/BBs like to have fun while still providing "behind the scenes" info and interviews. 2011 is a perfect addition to my collection, and a great resource while I write my Doctor Who paper.
  • Jess "The Romanceaholic" - Another great love story by Loretta Chase...You can always count on Loretta Chase to provide utterly enchanting heroines and delightfully besotted (and befuddled) heroes, and this book was no exception. Marcelline's perfection and even her arrogance would have been supremely annoying had she been written by any other author, but Ms. Chase was able to make Marcelline so captivating that she, and indeed all three of the Noirot sisters, easily stole my heart.

    Clevedon was so wonderfully captivated by Marcelline that he was completely oblivious to so much around him, and I loved watching him slowly come to realize that even though he was rich and powerful in society, he was actually a bit, well, sheltered at times in regards to how the world really works.

    I also enjoyed Princess Erroll of Albania, which is definitely a feat when you consider I tend to dislike children in romance novels.

    In the end, the slight distaste I had for Clevedon's pursuit of Marcelline while expecting to marry Clara did take away from my enjoyment, but even so, I absolutely adored it.

    A very solid 4.5/5 Stars, and I'm looking forward to seeing the other Noirot sisters get their HEA's as well.