Is Shingles Contagious? Medical Implications and Suggested Remedies - If you've ever wondered 'is shingles contagious' then this article will explain everything you need to know. We discuss the medical implications and suggested remedies.

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  • emilieemanuel - Only thing that has worked to provide reliefI have been battling chronic BV/Yeast infections since April of 2012 - it is now December of 2012. I am starting to wonder if it will ever end - the constant back and forth.
    I have tried almost everything - the RepHresh Pro-B supplements, yin-care douching, oral/gel antibiotics (five rounds of treatment for BV). I think this all started after I took Prednisone for a sinus infection in April.

    This Vaginal Gel is the ONLY thing that has provided relief from the burning/discharge/odor associated with BV. If I use it right after sex or immediately after my period, I can fight off BV returning right away. It always returns, but this gel has significantly enhanced the length of time between. I highly recommend it for chronic sufferers.

    I am now trying an Alkaline diet and will try taking Nature's Way Primadophilus Reuteri supplements - which were described as miracle cures on various forums I have been researching on. If worse comes to worse - I will try the boric acid approach.

    If anyone has found a cure to this and ran into the same problem-please drop me a note. I would sincerely appreciate it. If you are struggling with the same problem, this gel really really helps and I wish you the best in finding your cure!
  • alberto cohen-abbo - ClassicI have owned every edition of the precious manual since I got a copy signed by Dr Nelson in 1986.
    The only thing that I missed in the latest editions, is the dose for large people that was cut out to keep the manual in the the same size; that is a pity because with our obese pediatric population we have to consult other sources to get the maximum doses recommended.
    Alberto Cohen-Abbo MD
  • Bruno "Bruno" - Funny, pointed, and backed up by facts, just like I like it.Ann Coulter doesn't pull punches. She doesn't care how you feel about what she thinks. I bought this book figuring I'd disagree with a lot of it, since she's so anti-liberal she must let her beliefs cloud her sense of judgement. Much to my surprise, I found that she really has her stuff together, she knows her facts, and she has the ability to cut through the cloud of junk that obscures many issues and makes it crystal clear. I found her columns on the Elian Gonzales fiasco the most informative thing I have read in years. And she backed it up with her knowledge of the law and the facts of the case. Wow.

    Even if you don't agree with her politics, her writing style is great and it's fun read. She could use a better editor, though, some of the technical aspects of her writing are too conversational in structure and hard to read at times.