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  • John F. Ellingson - I can smell the battleI have a confession to make. I was born too late and tend to want to live in the mid 19th century. I have an addiction to books about the War of Northern Aggression or the Second War of Independence. I live near the Manassas battlefield and see the ghosts of those who walked this ground. I have also read Shelby Foote's entire writings more times than I can remember and the same goes for Killer Angles. I can't remember all the trips to the battlefield at Gettysburg, or the number of books I have read about the events those July days. None of it comes close to the immediacy that Cain at Gettysburg presents. Every time I read another book about the battle I wish it could have turned out to be different and less bloody. We were on both sides in that war and Ralph Peters captures that and infuses the work with such characterizations that you can imagine serving beside (and liking, sympathizing with or hating) each of the characters. I haven't finished the book. I started out devouring it and now I'm savoring each passage like a morsel in a five star restaurant.

    I don't think this book can be fully appreciated by someone without some grounding either in actual combat or the battles of the civil war. Knowing and appreciating the bigger picture at Gettysburg provides this reader with a greater appreciation for the masterful job Peters has done. Being able to place the events he describes in context helps, but if you never read another book on the period and the battle -- read this one.
  • Kitty Corona "NYCMaven" - BIC for MEI don't get all the controversy. As a woman, I only buy things that are pink, which is why I have a strict diet of pink cupcakes, Strawberry Quik and Day After Valentine's Day drugstore candy (I stock up). And I only "write" with the pink BIC For Her. Or should I say, BIC For Me?

    (If anyone wants the extraneously colored pens in the pack, let me know. But why would you? They're not pink. Shouldn't BIC know better?)