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  • Blue in Washington "Barry Ballow" - Common sense and gentle sweetnessI am another Precious Ramotswe groupie and have come to love every one of the books in this series. There probably aren't any strangers to these books that started as "The Number One Ladies Detective Agency," but if there were, I would advise a first timer to start with an earlier book than this one. If you've been following the adventures of Mma Ramotswe for awhile, you learn not to look for a hard-edged whodunit. This book, and its precedessors, amble through minor and not so minor, human dramas that need sorting out, but generally are devoid of blood and violence. There isn't a lineup of characters in current literature (that I know of) that is more likeable and good-hearted than the groups that surrounds Precious Ramotswe, and above all, features her good self.
    There's a wonderful, touching quote in "The Good Husband..." that summarizes much of what this terrific series of stories is about.
    "The world, Mma Ramotswe believed, was composed of big things and small things. The big things were written large and one could not but be aware of them--wars, oppression, the familiar theft by the rich and the strong of those simple things that the poor needed, those scraps which would make their life more bearable: this happened and could make even the reading of a newspaper an exercise in sorrow. There were all those unkindnesses, palpable, daily, so easily avoidable; but one could not think just of those, thought Mma Ramotswe, or one would spend one's time in tears--and the unkindnesses would continue. So the small things came into their own: small acts of helping others, if one could; small ways of making one's own life better: acts of love, acts of tea, acts of laughter. Clever people might laugh at such simplicty, but, she asked herself, what was their own solution?"
  • smb - The best thing since sliced bread!!I am in my late 40's and have been experiencing Peri-menopausal symptoms. One of the most frustrating i have been dealing with is PH imbalances. After many doctor visits and negative yeast infection tests, I was at a loss. I have never had any issues with odor in the past. However, after intercourse with my husband, I would notice a fishy smell that would last for days. I tried everything, douching, feminine wipes, anti biotic and nothing worked. It really was embarrassing. Finally decided to do some research of my own. The web is a wonderful tool for, in some cases, self diagnosing. I came across a blog about this water works natural douche. Did some research, and thought I'd give it a try.
    I had my item overnighted and tried it the next day. Hallelujah, After only one use, I no longer have the odor, even after intercourse. It has been 1 week since my first use and I still have no odor. This product is amazing. I would recommend to any women who is struggling with the same issues I was experiencing.
    Thank you to all the women who did rate and comment on this product. It was very helpful, gave me hope & peace of mind.
  • slobonmynob - PS4 destroys xbox Onebest system ever!!!!! if your wondering weather to buy the ps4 or xbox one, buy the ps4!! even though you have probably heard that about 1% of the systems have had some problems. xbox one was launched last night and they are having even more problems. but when it comes to controller,home screen layout, exclusive games and graphics the ps4 destroys the xbox one...
  • delaune michel - Powerful, honest story - could not put it downPing Fu's book, Bend, Not Break, is a powerful, honest account of her years growing up during the Cultural Revolution in China, and her astonishing ability to build a successful life in America as a business woman and mother whose heart remains generous and open despite the atrocities she endured. There has been a sudden influx of one-star reviews all within a 24 hour period - suspicious to say the least - defaming Ping Fu, and calling her a liar particularly in regards to what she went through during the Cultural Revolution, and her subsequent imprisonment by the Chinese government. I have never lived in China, or even visited it, so my opinion is hardly first hand, however, we are talking about a memoir of a life during the time of Mao, a dictator whose administration oversaw systematic human rights abuses, and whose rule is estimated to have caused the deaths of between 40-70 million people through starvation and executions. For anyone to say or believe that the horrors that Ping lived through are lies is as egregious as believing that Primo Levi lied about Auschwitz. If we continue to let these abominations continue without bringing them to light of day, when will they end? Ping Fu did an incredible job, with great restraint, yet candor, in telling her truth, and in doing so, spoke for millions. Thank God she wrote this book.
  • John Mangin - Uniquely QualifiedI haven't read the entire book yet, but I've really enjoyed the excerpts on WSJ and Slate.

    The central objection of the campaign against the book is that Emily Oster, as an economist, lacks medical training and is unqualified to write a book that touches on healthcare and medical issues. (See, e.g., this: The other objections seem to flow from this one.

    As an economist, Oster's career is built around conducting and analyzing regression studies to tease out complex relationships among multiple variables. That's what microeconomists do, and that's exactly what she's doing here with the many studies on the pregnancy-related questions the book addresses. As such, she's uniquely qualified to write this book and provides a perspective that your Ob-Gyn can't (unless he or she happens to have world-class, doctoral-level training in economics and statistics and lots of time after work to sort through the methodological appendices of thousands of studies).