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  • Philip P - Great book. Makes you think about the strength of the Christian faith in the U.S.I read this book at the same time as a young adults group at my former church (I moved recently). I've listened to David Platt’s Secret Church messages and the sermons from his church. I am always blown away by the truth in his messages and the amount of deep knowledge and understanding he has for God’s word. His strong faith in the Lord is evident by the success of his ministry, his books, and his desire to make disciples of all the nations (which he gives God all the credit). Reading this book was an encouragement for me to focus less on the life I want to live (or have planned to live) in the U.S. as a working citizen and instead focus on the leading of the Holy Spirit to use me to be a part of God’s will in the world. I don’t yet know what that is, but David Platt’s book has helped prepare me to jump when God says to jump. Radical has helped me look at my life from a different perspective… God’s. It has helped me start to peel away the calloused layers of my soul, my heart, and my mind in order to help me be more sensitive to the things that break God’s heart. In the past, I would over analyze and worry about the risks involved with helping others in need. Usually, I would over analyze the Spirit’s calling to death and do nothing. It has given me quicker reaction time to respond to the needs I see around me that the Spirit puts on my heart. I am grateful that God has given the United States and this entire world David Platt. And I am grateful that God is using him to reawaken the Christian community to risk it all in order to bring about the kingdom.
  • Q. Ellis "queridaphile" - TASTES GREAT! BONE ITIS!JESUS IS LORD!

    Hello everyone. I have bone-itis. I . . . did not drink milk. . . i didn't head the message that 3 glasses a day build strong bones! Now I am using dragon natural speaking to type this to you because my fingers are not strong ehough to type!

    But then I drunk Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz of HEALING! and now the doctor says that my bone itis is stil la hideous uncurable disease! But the milk sure is tasty!!!!!

  • Susan Ahern - A good size for your backIf you're your whole back, or in my case back and shoulder this is a great size. Soft and cushy unlike the plastic ones. Washes beautifully. Timer is a plus for those of us who forget to turn things off. Only con is the rather large plug connector to pad. It can sometimes move into an uncomfortable spot. Betsy heating pad I've had.
  • musicfanatic - I LOVE this album!While this album is a bit on the dramatic side and is a rock opera of sorts, it is definitely a Pink Floyd classic, not to be overlooked. So many great songs on this album, a real thrill from beginning to finish. It's just great and any fan of rock/Pink Floyd should have it. It's a timeless classic.