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  • Mary Reinert - Another wonderful Tutor storyIn spite of sometimes confusing speakers, this story of Thomas Cromwell sheds light on the very complicated life of a man determined to reach his own goals by seeing that the goals of his master King Henry are met . There are no heroes to this story, no one is without blame.

    Hilary Mantel truly captures the essence of the characters and the times. Highly recommended for any lover of historical fiction set on the times of the unmatched Henry Tutor.
  • - I was skeptical, but now I'm convincedI am in my late 20's and have been a mild psoriasis sufferer for about 10 years. I have been to numerous dermatologists and have been prescribed countless steroids, pills, etc., but nothing has proven to be consistently effective in clearing my condition. Let me also state that I am a skeptical person by nature, and have never been a believer in any of the popular alternative healing methods. However, I have noticed in the past year that my condition would be almost non-existent one day and all of the sudden flare up another day. Common sense told me that the psoriasis outbreaks had to be the effect of some underlying cause. Why else would I be fine one day and a mess the next? Doctors had no answers. I did plenty of research and finally decided to get this book, primarily based on its popularity and other positive reviews. I started on the program immediately. All I did was cut out the tomatoes, junk food, etc., and started drinking the herbal teas and also taking Omega 3 capsules. I'm not planning on getting any of the cholonics (spelling??) or spinal adjustments. Anyway, within 3 weeks my condition has cleared almost completely. It also occurred to me that my latest outbreak came about immediately after a weekend in Las Vegas where I was sucking down bloody marys (tomato juice)! I told my dermatologist about this and she scoffed at my theory. According to her, "diet has very little to do with the condition". The only creams or ointments I will use is the dovonex, as I believe this to be the safest. Other than that, I highly recommend following this program. Psoriasis sucks, and I don't know if this remission is due to some sort of placebo effect, positive thinking, etc?????, but I am 100% convinced that this treatment is effective and not only safe, but healthy! Do your own research and DON'T RELY ON YOUR DERMATOLOGIST!! Hope this helps someone.
  • tim can - a simple woking program that does not overwhelm your computerI want a protection program that works quietly in the background and does its job and this is the seocnd time I have used this program and loved it. Unlike norton that makes you feel like an alien has hyjacked your system this program loads easily, and works softly and quietly protecting you but never seesm out of control or over controling. I would buy this again and again without question
  • N. C. Pride "Just Curious..." - Perfect for my Toddler!My daughter is just 2 1/2 and is just getting the hang of touch screens and the like. this has been a perfect fit for her developing mind and for her little hands. Only one con is that there are so few games for kids of her young age that she is forced to try skills that she's not quite ready for but that just makes it fun for both of us.

    I recommend purchasing the gel skin because it keeps kids from accessing the battery compartments and gives those little fingers a better grip. Also, this things eats batteries like there is no tomorrow so I purchased the car and AC adapters as well.
  • Craig M Swanburg Jr - Overall outstanding productI was having trouble with my laptop running slow. I recognized symptoms and knew I had to get some kind of registry clean up software/tool. I have always used Zone Alarm Security Suite Software (by Checkpoint) and swear by it. But they don't have registry clean up software. Zone Alarm has never let me down and it's easy to use. Well, I was a little more than a month away from upping my subscription when I found out Zone Alarm Extreme Security Suite had a PC Clean up tool. So, I downloaded, installed and was having problems getting the PC Tune up portion to work. I notified ZA and they told me to get in touch with Large Software, they are the company responsible for PC Tuneup. I called (Large Software) customer support, they instructed me to notify Technical Support. So, I sent an email and they responded within an hour, with simple instruction and helped me get the software up and running. The problem was not the software. There was something with my computer's Data Execution Program that had to be adjusted with just a couple mouse clicks. Cathy was very savvy, professional and helpful. Not only is their customer service on point, but also the software is amazing. I did my first clean up and it took less than 10 minutes to perform. The instructions were easy to follow, the software works wicked fast and the end result was a much faster working laptop. The company is Large Software, the software in PC Tune-up and you CANNOT LOSE with it on your computer. Thank You Large Software for PC Tune-up and Thank You Checkpoint for Zone Alarm.