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  • Dan McKinnon - VERY fun way to learn statistics!!!'The Manga Guide to Statistics' is an excellent way to learn statistics for the newbie or amateur client base, plain and simple. Originating from Japan, the manga approach to teaching concepts works well for the right target audience and in this book I think it works well for ALL target audiences of statistics. Packed with over 200+ pages of content, you will learn about the importance of statistical analysis, how to work with numerical datasets, and you will do so in a fun way. The writer of the book really knows their content and even though this is presented in a cartoon way, don't let this fool you. The content is serious-minded and gets the job done in SPADES!

    I think this is a great book for anyone new to the statistics field and even for someone in college/high school that could benefit from another approach to learning stats other than the typical courseware statistics books.

  • Gerald H. Sanders - No different from other versionsI have been using Quicken for close to twenty years, and unlike others, have had no problem with any of the versions, including 2013. The only reason that I upgraded from 2011 is that I purchased a Microsoft Surface Tablet running Windows 8 Pro, and the Microsoft rep told me (I believe erroneously) that 2011 would not run on Windows 8 Pro. My install went perfectly. I have not tried to sync to the Quicken Cloud, and will not do so considering all the problems others have had. I am using Microsoft's Sky Drive for cloud storage which seems fine. Bottom line, I see no difference between 2011 and 2013 in functionality. Don't uprgrade unless you have to do so.
  • varun - Sade's BACK! I'm getting and so should you! (I'll tell you why)I went to see this show in London on May 31st last year.

    The best concert experience of my life! She sounded like a dream. I have been waiting for this DVD even before they announced they're filming the tour for a future DVD release.

    This is a must buy because:

    1. It includes all the hits (No ordinary love, smooth operator, cherish the day, kiss of life, by your side, soldier of love and more!!)
    2. Newer album cuts like IN ANOTHER TIME and BRING ME HOME sung live!! Sade breathes new life onto CD recordings! Hearing these songs sung live truly connects you with her. Whatever message she tries to give through her music comes right through you, into your veins, your heart and your soul!
    3. The VISUALS are absolutely stunning. Sophie Muller is a goddess and Baz Halpin is a genius, you get to see why! Sade, Muller and Halpin put the best visual and lighting show along with Sade's ethereal and timeless music.
    4. The BAND. The band is truly magnificent. Stuart's sax, Andrew's piano and Paul's guitar and the lovely backing vocalists!!

    I could go on and on. Personally I can't wait for this DVD to come out!! Its going to be more exciting than LOVERS LIVE!