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  • Lourdes - Best stroller!I have had this stroller for 6 months now, and I don't have any complaints. The canopy is large enough, the stroller is incredibly light, and its compact. It's been to Disney World twice, Universal and Busch gardens more than I can count. I would recommend this stroller over any other- I have had several other strollers - much higher priced and they don't compare in maneuverability and weight. What sold me was how light it was as durable, especially since it goes in and out of my car often.
    Would recommend the tray and cup holder , but I bought them much later and didn't really miss them in the beginning. Other than that- its the best stroller.
  • GCC - I.B.S. sufferer.After putting up with over 10 visits and about 3 gallons worth of blood tests and $$$$ in other tests with 3 different doctors over the last 4 years, I was at my wit's end. I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance first, then hypoglycemia, then depression, then gerd and given all kinds of drugs. Nothing helped. My doctors could not understand what I was going through even though now in hindsight, the symptoms I described to them accurately fit the IBS profile.
    After the last $2,000 colonoscopy showed nothing, I discussed my symptoms with the gastroenterologist and he recommended Phillips probiotics.
    All I can say is WOW! I was skeptical after a week when I still didn't feel any relief but others on different message boards said to stay with it as it takes a while for it to get working. After about 3 weeks, 90 percent of my symptoms were gone and I felt SO much better. I've been taking then for 4 months now.
    I really don't know for sure what brought on my condition as I have eaten pretty much the same healthy foods all my life and my diet really hasn't changed, maybe because I'm over 50 now and everything is supposed to go down hill from here :)
    Anyway, these little pills work for me and I would encourage anyone else with IBS and is tired of repeat visits to the doctor spending $$$ for nothing to give them a try.
    The auto-ship feature from Amazon is great as I never have to worry about running out.