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  • Kathleen S. G. - Great, sturdy, safe portable high chair!We got this for our 6 month old son. It feels very sturdy attached to our table and now our little one can join our meals at the table. We also took it with us to a restaurant last weekend and it worked great. It is easy to install and feels very sturdy once attached. The screw on system feels much safer than a clip on with our very acrobatic baby. It folds flat(ish) and fits into a carry bag. We put it into a tote bag and it was easy to bring along. This is a nice alternative to restaurant high chairs which are often a bit gross and don't necessarily have the best seatbelt.
  • mmm - Works Better than System I HadMy husband was complaining about the amount of spam that was getting through our previous virus software so when I got an email from Amazon offering the Norton at a special price it was a no-brainer. Kind of don't like to pay for what I don't get and this is good for three PCs but I only have one and you can't use it on a tablet or smart phone, but it was still a decent price and the complaints have stopped about the spam. So a happy spouse and a safer computer are good things.
  • Brooke Shannon - Second time I've ordered!!This product is GREAT!! I am on my second bottle, and it is the only thing that I have found that helps get rid of dark circles and puffiness under my eyes. I've been looking for over 2 years for something that would work. I recommend this to anyone with either of the above issues. Use a tiny bit under each eye, twice daily. My sister has also started using it and loves it too! Well worth the money, and since you only have to use a tiny amount, it will last 4 or 5 months (15ml).