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  • Richard Smith - The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher CreativityI heard about this book a few months ago and was very sceptical at first. As more and more people around me started with it, I became curious and bought myself a copy. It was the best decision I have ever made! I am in week eleven and I can safely say that this book has changed my life, completely. It has taken the South African performing arts scene by storm and everyone I know who has read or is busy reading The Artist's Way feels the same way I do! Apart from the fact the the book contains so many truths, what makes this book such a pleasure to read is that it is so well written. If you are in doubt and you need just that little bit of encouragement, if you know deep down inside that there is an artist in you, that feels neglected or that you haven't yet discovered, take the plunge and start a wonderful journey! If you are a lawyer, accountant or a mother taking care of your family at home, don't be discouraged or misled by the book's title, it is for you too!Thank you Julia Cameron!
  • Va1ha11a - AwesomeI originally got the Transformer Prime (and the keyboard dock) to replace my laptop (which weighs ~6 pounds) with a lighter alternative. This tablet has met and exceeded my expectations. It's durable, with good battery life, and most important to me, it's lightweight. The battery life (when using the dock as well) is so good that I can play heavy-duty 3D games for hours, as well as browse the internet and stream google music and have a lot of juice left over. While it's true I charge it every night, I've never been able to completely drain the battery in all of my usage of it. Asus is also great with updates (I've had ~6 in the 10 months I've had the tablet), and with 4.2 on the way, the prime should become even better. Lag is nonexistant. I can without exaggeration say that this is one of the best products I have ever bought.
  • Christopher J. Cowen - Why go to the store when you can download Norton AntiVirus 2012 directly from Amazon!Norton AntiVirus 2012 was a great purchase. The best price we found was on amazon and the best part was that we were able to download the virus scan directly onto the computer. Now-a-days why go to the store for Virus Scan programs when you can download them directly from great sites like Amazon. I would definitely recommend this product.
  • John: future Criminal Justice Ph.D. student - Mitt's Binders: The perfect accessory for all Moma's Boys :-) !For decades I've been afflicted by a severe inferiority complex brought on by my inability to trap and keep the women I'm interested in. I've tried snake oil salesmen, shrinks, quacks, government programs, psychotherapeutics, medical marijuana and other drugs, yoga, exercise, hair braiding, Sauron's Ring of Power, and numerous other things I'd rather not to mention (and painful to boot!).

    I've always thought my inability to trap and keep interesting women was due to being fat, having crooked teeth and a forked tongue (plus a lisp), working as a McSlave at Burger King, driving a Pacer, and living on the wrong side of the railroad tracks in my little Southern town (along with being a Moma's Boy). But now, thanks to my corporate savior-as-person Mitt Romney, I now realize the fault lies not in me ... but in the failure of my unionized public school teachers to properly teach me the contribution that binders make to dating and mating success in the corporate world.

    In the 28 hours since I purchased Mitt's highly-recommended binders--sorry, Amazon, I needed binders NOW so I camped out in my local Staples parking lot to be first in line--in various shades of blue (sky, cobalt, navy, cerulean, democratic, indigo, and my all-time favorite, the Stones' Black and Blue shade) my life has become simply fabulous! I now have properly-labeled binders stuffed full of every type of interesting women imaginable including Amazons, dominatrix (what's a Moma's Boy to do?), nurses (they know so many interesting things!), and many, many--so many!--others. My binders come fully-equipped with beds, whips and chains, glamorous kitchens, expensive vacuums, glass ceilings, and all the other accoutrements highly-valued by the .01% (and us wannabes). I've got so many binders that I'm express mailing one to Ann so she can take a vacation---

    How's that for a recommendation :-) !
  • Jennifer Baumgardner - Great work outThis is a fantastic work out. I don't have the time or motivation to follow it exactly as you are supposed to, but if you do, I can imagine you'll get great results. Even with using it less frequently than recommended, I can really feel it work on my muscles, and it's a pretty fun and engaging work out.