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  • Dean Redfern - QUICKEN DELUXE 2012 - Making "cents" of your moneyThis newest version installed in about 10 minutes without any problems. Although there are not many new features in this release to get excited about, over the years, Quicken has grown into a fine product for maintaining simple or complex personal finances. When I first got Quicken, I used it for basic expense and checkbook accounting, and then, latter on, I added "balance sheet" stuff like mutual funds and bonds. I now have enough financial history to spot trends in our expenses and investments. Budgeting is easy to setup and use, as well. Over time I have fully automated the payments of our bills, as well as the reconciliation of our financial and credit card statements. Quicken has made it easy for us to go "paperless," as digital files, such as PDF statements, can be stored inside of Quicken. (My IRS "shoe box" is a thing of the past.)

    For the long haul, Quicken is an intuitive, easy-to-use, and "best of breed" software application for personal financial management.
  • Addam W. Campbell - Best tablet on the marketAfter reading all the engadget and CNET reviews, I came to purchase this tablet. I'm super happy that I did. It's fast, well made and the screen is awesome. Check the specs compared to a lot of other Android tablets our there; this one pretty much stands alone. I considered the Motorola Xoom, the Samsung Galaxy 10.1" and their successors. They didn't really do it for me and from a technology standpoint, they're behind the curve.

    One downside is that, not being an iPad, the market for accessories is pretty slim. You could get a case made for it on Etsy or, what I did, buy an Incase 10.2" Netbook neoprene case. If fits just fine and I'm pretty sure I can get the keyboard dock in there, too (that's an assumption, I don't have that dock yet).

    I bought my tablet straight from Amazon. Even though it says that it'll take up to 5 weeks, I got mine in 2.
  • Willie Owens - Sade is phenomenal!I actually attended her last U.S. tour concert in Ontario, CA last year on September 4, 2011, where the stage scenes where filmed for this DVD. I was not disappointed in the production, however ain't nothing like the real thing. It was a close to live as possible and I still get chills when I replay the concert. Simply amazing!
  • J. Sommerville "book lover" - Have to agree..Have to agree with the other reviewer on this product. Haven't gone to the extreme measures the other fellow has, but I find this stuff fantastic!! Every time I went to the doc, he just said, "Sorry. Learn to live with them." I had a response back for that, but I can't repeat it here. As soon as you feel this slightest tingle, start applying this every few hours for a few days, and it will take care of it without a prob. If you don't catch the first tingle, and the sore develops, don't worry, Abreva will still do a great job of numbing the pain and healing up the spot right quick, with no scaring (battle scars for me). Worth the cost for this little tube without a doubt! Grab it up quick!!
  • MikBar - Cerebral Ann at her bestEither you are a conservative that enjoys Ann's cerebral (requiring the use of the intellect; intellectual rather than emotional) arguments or you are a liberal (requiring the use of emotion; emotion rather than intellect). The latter will write false and unflattering Amazon reviews, the former will enjoy her thoughtful and reasoned points, backed up with facts. Thanks Ann for proving the Republicans were/are the champions of civil rights for ALL Americans. Truth hurts Liberals, not Conservatives.

    Please note, I am a VERIFIED PURCHASER. All the one star reviews are from liberal flacks who have not purchased her book (at least on Amazon), not honest people who actually purchased and read Ann's book.