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  • Allison C. Lewis "Allison" - It's made of meat.You might think this is an ordinary 128 fl ox Gallon of Milk, but as you can see from the lable, there isn't a cow. No, this milk is made of meat. The finest fillet minion, in fact. Kobe meat. Milked in special facilities somewhere in "Tuscan".

    If you haven't tried it yet, you should. A lot.

    Full disclosure, I am a partial owner of Kobe meat.
  • Martin - Finally! A way to connect with my son!At the age of 22, I had my first child: a boy. Because of medical complications (negligence!), I was left unable to have children afterwards. And because my husband is against adoption, I'll never get to be the proud mother of a beautiful little girl.

    My husband is all about turning our son into a macho, man's man type, so they've become very close- primarily through playing sports and working on my husband's hot rod together. Consequently, my son and I had begin to grow a bit distant. Until....

    One day I went into my bedroom and found my son sprawled on my bed, busily making the sweetest, prettiest drawings. Hearts. Barbies. Bees. Flowers. Rolling pins. Dolphins. We spent the rest of that glorious afternoon writing each other cute notes and drawing the sweetest tattoos on each other--an afternoon we'll both surely cherish forever. All thanks to Bic for Her, so I know this won't be the next in a long list of things I love that my husband has taken away from me.
  • Bill Roberts - SEO 2013 and beyond-loved itI noticed my rankings sinking fast in Google. I bought the Seo 2013 and beyond, Kindle book by Dr. Andy Williams. I have bought products from Andy before. After i read the book,i was surprised at how many mistakes i had made in Seo. If your trying to make money in affiliate marketing,you need this book. There are a lot of people trying to make money off of seo,and are giving bad advice.Andy's book is the real deal. My site is coming up in the rankings now.I am looking forward to seeing what Andy releases next. 5 Stars plus!
  • J. Wegner - Holy Moly!"That's not a knife ... THIS is a knife, mate!"

    When you look at the real thing, you'll be amazed.

    Hold it and you'll be entranced.

    If you love sharp objects, you NEED to have this knife. Or is it a tool? Or is it a hatched? Machete?

    Be careful though, this thing is sharp everywhere. When it is out of its sheath, no matter where you touch it, it can cut. I love it.

    One small gripe is that the unit I received has a hardened glass breaker (?) point poking out of the butt. This is of questionable use (you're going to carry this beast in the car with you!?!) and it can poke painfully into your side, while carrying the knife in its sheath, if you bend over to the knife side. Can't file it off because it is harder than file steel. May have to grind it away.

    All in all, this one is a keeper and a grand addition to the collection.


    I locked a pair of Vise Grips onto the stupid "glass breaker" point and twisted/pulled it right out of the handle. It isn't brazed in or anything. I highly recommend its removal.

    Still love the knife. I used it after Hurricane Ike, clearing and cutting up tree limbs down in our yard. Faster than a hatchet or limb saw because it is so sharp. Beat the hooha out of this critter and there are zero marks, nicks or blemishes on the blade. Good metallurgy, CRKT!
  • Butterfly777 - Beneficial...in guarding your Brother's purityThis book is very beneficial if your looking for an upfront, inside look of what guys really think and how they tick. Some subjects touched in FYWO I knew of - because I am blessed that my dad has always been straight and upfront with me on guy issues - but only to a certain degree. Like me some things (being a girl) may shock you but it is how guys are made, and half the time (mostly in our ignorance) we have a responsibility in what occurs. I was especially thankful that the quotes and statistics came from real life guys not just some fixed survey. I totally Recommend this book if you truly want to help guard not only your purity but that of the opposite sex.