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  • Beth Potter-Jones "Mom and Literature and Kid... - Sharp, Witty and Caustic Mastery of Facts -- Great Read!Ann's got a razor-like gaze deep into the corrupted heart of liberalism. Wonderful stuff. I highly recommend it if you think you are a liberal, are worried you are a liberal or are convinced you are a liberal. This will open your eyes and cure you...but quick! And, if you are already 'the choir', enjoy Ann's preachin'!
  • Gen - Great customer service!!!!Roger was such a great guy to speak to over the phone and help me set up my wifi baby!!! He made me feel comfortable asking him any questions I had about my setup process and he explained things to me in such a way that I can understand the process easily. I'm in the medical field and anything techie is a different language to me. The setup was painless and fast with Roger!!! I am so impressed with this company! I definitely recommend them to my family and friends!!! Thanks Roger!!!
  • D. Nicklas - Great new direction for meI have been on the PLAN for almost 3 months. I lost 24 lbs but have recently gained back 4 lbs. I really like my options and keeps my mind engaged on what is working and what is not. I hope to zero in on what has made me gain weight lately. It could be simply the lack of water because I have been overlooking that. Anyway I am down from 260 to 240 at this point after the 4 lbs gain last week. I will check back in with any new (good or bad news). I like keeping it honest.