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  • Nancy Lesslie - Not a bad panMy (grown) daughter is an avid cook and she loves this pan. In fact we cook in it every day and absolutely love it! Nothing sticks and we never use oil, butter or sprays. Even when I accidentally burned a tomato based sauce in it the other night not only did it not stick but the burned sauce didn't have a burned taste. I don't know what people expect for $20 bucks but we are very happy with ours. We wish they would make a griddle because pancakes are great in it, again cooked without added grease of any kind. We will be purchasing more orgreenic cookware
  • Kandeda Trefil "Feloni S. S. Salt" - A PHYSICIAN'S experience with PARKINSON'S DISEASE and the ONE-MINUTE CUREWhen my husband correctly diagnosed himself with PD (Parkinson's disease) 20 years ago, the medical mantra was right out of the Book of Job, except instead of the comforter's saying, "Curse God and die," up-to-date, conventional, Western medicine unanimously advised, "Take Sinemet and die." Not content with that, he has tried many different approaches and medicines hoping to extend his life, including CHELATION (in case his symptoms were due to heavy-metal poisoning), ingesting HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE, use of CHINESE HERBS and ACUPUNCTURE, various PSYCHOTHERAPIES, self-inclusion in a number of WELLNESS GROUPS, making DIETARY CHANGES and ADDITIONS including a wide variety of NUTRACEUTICALS, experimenting with MASSAGE, and ultimately, of course, entering HOSPICE.

    To be fair, until now, by far the best medicine he tried was cannabis leaves.

    However, in less than two weeks of hydrogen-peroxide therapy as outlined in The One-Minute Cure, each day Dr Trefil's body discards or initiates the process of discarding new symptoms and/or syndromes of PD.

    He approached THE ONE-MINUTE CURE with serious reservations, but then he was skeptical of every medicine or protocol he was about to adopt. Fortunately, Dr Trefil is no fan of the pharmaceutical industry.

    THANK YOU MADISON CAVANAUGH! I have my husband back, and he's getting healthier every day!
  • GraphicNovelReporter.com - Patterson pulls out all the stops even more so than usualThe publication of CROSS MY HEART marks 21 volumes in 20 years in the Alex Cross canon. James Patterson’s career trajectory has risen and widened remarkably --- phenomenally, in fact --- in the ensuing two decades since Alex Cross was introduced in ALONG CAME A SPIDER. While Patterson, both before and after Cross’s conception, has created many popular characters, his most enduring has been Cross. This, in no small part, has been due to the continuing changes in Cross’s professional and personal lives, which have taken place across the length of the series. Cross is now a psychologist in private practice who frequently consults with the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department, attempting to balance the rigors and demands of this work with his considerable duties as a husband and father --- and grandchild as well --- to his family.

    It is those familial duties that provide the underlying propellant for CROSS MY HEART, in which Cross is under significant pressure to solve two cases. The first involves a series of attacks carried out in massage parlors in the Washington, D.C. area. Someone is entering the establishments and killing employees and customers at will. When one of the victims is discovered to be a very popular professional football player, the Metro D.C. Police come under public and private pressure to solve the killings and bring the perpetrator to justice. This particular murder becomes a symbol of D.C.’s skyrocketing crime rate, and each day that goes by without the arrest of a suspect is like a stroke tally of failure for the department.

    Even more frustrating for Cross is the other case, which concerns the kidnapping of infants by a seemingly brazen woman who convinces parents and caregivers to literally surrender control of their offspring to her. Cross feels a deep personal responsibility to solve and stop the kidnappings, and when he makes a startling discovery that links the abductions to other offenses, a pattern begins to emerge. His investigation, though, comes at a price --- time with his family --- while each member is in need of his presence and wise counsel for various reasons, not the least of which is a long-planned and extensive home remodeling project that has Cross’s grandmother, the woman who raised him, at her wit’s end.

    While all of those elements are in play, events of great significance, of which Cross is not immediately aware, are about to change his life forever. A brilliant criminologist who is also a dangerous killer is obsessed with committing perfect crimes, and he is determined to take down and destroy Cross for good. With almost inhuman patience, Marcus Sunday, known as The Writer, is observing Cross and his family, learning their patterns, interests, and everything else about them that can possibly be acquired through observation and surveillance. Sunday, with the aid of an equally deranged --- and seductive --- accomplice, waits for just the right moment and then strikes, systematically taking Cross’s life apart in one fell swoop, leaving him with nothing and almost no one. By the end of the book, Cross’s life is forever changed.

    Patterson has never shied away from making dramatic changes in Cross’s life, and for this 20th anniversary book, he pulls out all the stops even more so than usual. In an Author’s Note at the conclusion of CROSS MY HEART, he assures us that Cross, at least, will be back in another volume. Who else will make the cut, literally? We will have to wait until next year to find out. Be rest assured, though, that the results will be anything but predictable.

    - Joe Hartlaub
  • Alex Vladimir - Excellent Game!Well worth my money! This game is a nice addittion to the Diablo franchise and although we waited a long time for it to come out, it's proving to be worth the wait. gameplay is very addictive. The "normal" mode that you start out as is maybe a little too easy. A better name for it is Story Mode. However once you get into the harder modes, it's much more difficult.

    You do need an online connection to play, so be warned. But it's worth it.
  • OJANEY - THE MOST POWERFUL BOOK OF THE DECADEJess Walter has written a masterpiece. This novel is a must-read for anyone who appreciates fine writing, five-star storytelling, and characters so real they inhabit your dreams. The book contains bittersweet truths about life, love and the pursuit of happiness, written in such gorgeous, yet facile and flowing, prose. I was moved to tears by the end of this incredible novel, although it is not at all a maudlin, manipulatively sentimental tale; rather, the book reaches the core of the reader's life purpose and lifelong yearnings. (Pretty heavy, I know, but true.) In addition to a storyline that keeps you rapt and unable to put the book down, there is also a perfect ending to this perfect story. You will fall in love with Beautiful Ruins and author Jess Walter, too. This work absolutely took my breath away. (I also can heartily recommend Walter's The Financial Lives of the Poets--a thoroughly engaging, fun and funny book, totally different from this one, but one that puts a smile on your face and a need in your heart/mind to read more Jess Walter magic!)