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  • allen hook - Pendergast should be in the movies!Love it. As always a great read. Lincoln and Child once again have taken the reader on a journey through the eyes of Agent Pendergast with an expertise unequalled by very few in the fiction business. Curl up by the fire and prepare for a long sit because you will not be able to put this down. Wish they would start making movies of the books.
  • Freddie Ryan - Rogaine WorksI've been using Walgreen minox 5% for the past Decade or more. It's the closest to the true Rogaine 5% formula that I have found. I have also tried Costcos kirkland, but found that it didn't work for me. It's the difference in the inactive ingredients, hence why kirkland brand is so cheap. I'm not saying kirklands doesn't work, it just didn't work for me. Try it, if it works for you, great. However, Walgreen discontinued it's liquid form so in search of another substitute, I tried foam for the first time.

    First, I don't use it on the vertex, I use it on my receding hairline Norwood scale 1 (but still counts as a recession). Rogaine worked for me in that it stopped a lot of the shedding during showering. I notice a lot less hair falling out when I wash my hair after I have use it consistently for about a month or two. (It's very obvious and it's not just nonsense about you shed "X" number of follicles a day). When you shower at the same time each day, you should notice the same amount of hair falling out. In my case, when I stop using rogaine, I notice at least 20 hair strands fall out during my showers. When I use Rogaine consistently for about a month or two, the number of follicles drop to 2 or 3. YES, It's THAT noticeable. You will notice it will be working (if it works for you).

    I also notice this change if I get lazy and stop using it consistently, after about a month or two I start shedding again. Second, when I use the product for a while, there's definitely growth and I can see my hairline, instead of a recession.

    I also take propecia.

    Rogaine Foam is absolutely hands down the best applicator product. Backup a moment, I tried foam once before, but at that time I was using the liquid version actively. The liquid version flakes ALOT, and makes your skin red and irritated. When I used the foam, i felt some pain, so I stopped using the foam. What I realized now, is that it was the liquids fault not the foam.

    Pros of Foam:
    It does not flake/peel my skin at all
    It does not irritate / redness / rash
    It's easy to apply on the frontal lobe/forehead - It does stick to hair, so I read a review that if you are applying to spots that have lots of hair strands like the vertex, it would be a little hard trying to press it onto the scalp i guess.
    It's QUICK DRYING! - Liquid version drops will streak down your forehead, doesn't dry quickly, and if you sleep right before bed or wash your face, or wipe your head, it will most likely wipe off all medicine as well. Foam dries within a minute and it's not runny.
    Foam Price is the same as liquid.

    So... hands down, my recommendation is try foam first, then liquid etc etc... And don't expect hair to grow fast... its really really slow. But again try to notice the difference of Shedding when you shower to see if it is working.
  • Suzanne Lewis - BIRTH 2012 AND BEYOND Humanity's Great Shift to the Age of Conscious EvolutionBIRTH 2012 AND BEYOND by Barbara Marx Hubbard is a fine tool to assist in this point of global change. Barbara and her team of wisdom keeper near and far contribute a cohesive, collaberative, cooperative, communication to assist us all to be awake and consciously participating in a social sacred activism for the sake of all the Family of Life, Light and Nature. "As the Wheel turns, it pulls everyone forward. It takes us across the evolutionary gap from Here, our current state of overpopulation, resource depletion, war,etc. to There, an ever evolving, sustainable, compassionate, and cocreative World." It is an antidote to despair, depression, denial, depletion and anger and fear. It's anything but linear it is circular, inclusive and unifying for the Heart and the Minds of those who respond to the call for Synergestic Convergence for the HIGHEST GOOD of ALL. Suzanne Lewis, author of TEACHER OF HEART: A Self Health Journey; editor of online Journal; ACE GUIDE, founding member Archimedes Writing Group
  • U. Lopez - there's nothing like kaspe. (KIS all versions)After tried many antivirus like Norton (calification C), mccafee (F), AVG (B). I switched to kaspersky,(A++++) and virus problem is over!. The protection is serious and highly, the software could be "customizable", you can choose, a lite, medium,or STRONG protection, if you want. And when I said "STRONG" is Strong. stop the minimun threat.
    something that I like is that block annoying banner ads or that someone might accidentally click on one of these, and be redirected to malicious sites. announcement like the famous "visitor 10000" or "you're the winner." its over now with Kaspersky. This Flat characteristics none of the antivirus to use before, has been implemented. for any reason going to change or try another antivirus. This has it and does it all. besides the ranking is high 98% efficiency. I recommended if you want a real protection.
  • Collin Wright - A must-read for coaches!As a high school coach and owner of an athletic training business, there are many lessons that I will take from this book to deliver to my athletes. This book has provided me not only with lessons for them, but with many introspective evaluations that will help me improve as a coach, teacher, and communicator!