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  • MMRead - Best story I've read in awhile!This is a great love story that intertwines the lives of very different people over a period of 50 years. As each chapter jumps around between different characters and eras, the connections between them are wonderfully put together. Has me wanting to read more by this author while on a trip to Italy!
  • Marina Felix "M. Felix" - It is working!Had back pain for many years. Tried the traditional western medicine for it (does not work), acupuncture (works if the practitioner is good, but the pain comes back several months later) and chiropractors (the pain still comes back). Now I am just on lesson 3 of this book, and I think it is actually working! One conclusion so far - you have to be really consistent in implementing the author's recommendations. But it doesn't take any extra time to do what she recommends , so it's just the matter of remembering it (and if you have a bad back pain, that part should be easy :))
  • anonymous from NJ - I think some reviewers here are really ignorant....How can The Wall be compared to anything by Usher or the Streets? Who the hell are the Streets, anyway? I've had The Wall for about 20 years now, and hands down its one of the best albums I own.

    I think that the MTV generation really misses out on what is real music. Anyway, when does MTV play videos anymore? Never.

    And, you can check out the full-length Pink Floyd The Wall movie if you want to see music videos so badly.