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  • Nicole Siemers "bellyxray (nicole)" - Best grill EVER!had this grill for over a yr. and it is awesome. Makes everything taste so much better! My husband put the things together and may have had slight problems (can't remember). He thought after the first heating of it, that he did put it together wrong, because pre-heating at the medium setting will get that puppy up over 700 degrees!
  • Christina M. "-C" - Get the current year'sEach year the most up to date copy of this is really useful for those hoping to get into medical school.
  • Sarah "Sarah" - Great! Lots ofThis was my first time trying nail stamping and I love it!

    These plates were easy to use when paired with Konad nail stamper and scraper. I like the designs and the full nail designs were big enough for all my fingers and even for my big toes. You can see this in the picture, but it doesn't come with any french tip designs which I would have liked. The edges are NOT sharp, which I was worried about since I have heard that complaint for other cheap sets. This also comes with a great case that looks nice & sturdy, holds all the pieces and is can be flipped through. It comes with a blue film that makes it hard to see the designs so I took off all the films right away- I recommend using a nail file to "grab" the edge of the film.

    Great value, I definitely recommend this product!
  • John L Cimasi - A Woman Binder for the Modern AgeAt last! After 500 years our of use now re-manufactured for the modern age. An ancient Chinese imperial design suitable for binding women whose feet, bosoms or mouth are too large for right wing religious christian conservative men who think a woman's place is in his kitchen, his bedroom, his nursery, scrubbing his floors and washing his clothing and dishes. Brain binders made of the finest adjustable spring steel with inside studs to promote suffering to fit the circumference of any size head inside a opaque chador. Stainless steel embedded rings are throughout to facilitate tying her down to keep her in her place.