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  • L. Stukel "Mom & summer cottage wannabe" - The only wedding task that really matters - read this book!I was married recently at age 31 and while I was planning the wedding I was disappointed that so much planning time goes into the dress, and resgistry, and flowers, and, and, and... I enjoyed it but felt something was "missing". Luckily 3 weeks before our big day my girlfriend gave me this wonderful book. It refocused me on what matters. I read it practically cover to cover in one sitting. It describes all the EMOTIONAL adjustments you make -- and aren't really given an outlet for in the frenzy of wedding planning. I feel like I appreciated my wedding day so much more because I read this book. A great engagement (or post-wedding) gift to yourself and your fiance, or to a friend who is getting married. My now-husband found it very interesting too in order to better understand what was going on in my head.
  • dre - excellent but needs more timely deliveryLoved this and definitely works. My only complaint is that the monthly automatic delivery could be more timely. My first refill was came about 5 days later and i had to miss a few pills because of that.
  • A. Pohren - Riveting, sensual and tantalizing!Riveting, sensual and tantalizing, Eat Prey Love will leave the reader hungry for more by this delightfully talented author!

    Never before have I had the extreme pleasure to read a book that so effortlessly blends sensuality, humor, fun and a bit of darkness in such a way that Kerrelyn Sparks does with her newest release, Eat Prey Love. Literally, this book has it all; from a broken family life to vampires and shape-shifters, to laugh-out-loud moments and sizzling scenes that will leave your fingers feeling scorched, as you turn the pages. In true honesty, I was feeling one of those dreaded reading slumps coming on. After reading the first page of Eat Prey Love, that feeling completely flew out the door. I began reading this book yesterday (Saturday) afternoon and finished it today (Sunday). It is incredibly rare for me to become so engrossed within a book that the pages just soar by. Outside distractions were not a problem with this one, at all. The only existence that gripped me was that of Caitlyn and Carlos.

    Eat Prey Love is the ninth book in Kerrelyn Sparks' "Love at Stake" series. Keep in mind that this is the first book that I have read by this author, so I have no knowledge of her prior books in this series nor any other. With that being said, this was a story that felt utterly complete to me. The characters were all incredibly developed and the storyline very tight and smooth. I simply adored Caitlyn Whelan, the heroine of the story. After growing up with the feeling that she was never good enough for anyone, the thought that her older sister just up and left her with no seconds thoughts, a mother who was completely detached, emotionally, from her and a father that was single-mindedly focused on work, life was not so great. She also has the uncanny ability to communicate with animals and the ability to learn any language within a couple of hours. It is when Caitlyn receives a birthday invitation, from her sister, Shanna, for a nephew, that she didn't even know she had, that life takes a massive turn for her. Not only does she meet an entirely different world consisting of vampires and shape-shifters, but she meets the to-die-for handsome Carlos Panterra.

    Carlos has lost everything. In what he refers to as "The Summer of Death", Carlos' tribe was slaughtered. His mother, father, twin brother, everyone he holds dear is taken, sliced apart and burnt - the only way to truly kill a were-panther. After saving a handful of children and taking them under his care, Carlos must find a mate to be mother to these children and to help carry on the were-panther line before it completely becomes extinct. Little does he realize how difficult his attraction to the feisty Caitlyn will be and just how hard he will have to fight to stay away from her and continue his search.

    The sexual tension that builds between these two main characters is explosive and oh so hot. Carlos is an incredibly desirable character, possessing sensitivity, honor, duty, strength, power and a not-be-ignored sexuality. The pull pulsates between Caitlyn and Carlos, building up to a satisfying and climatic end. This, blended with the banter and humor the two share is delightful. Here is a snippet to give readers an idea of what I am talking about:

    Page 132

    "What's wrong?" Carlos demanded from the hallway.

    "You," she muttered.

    " I heard that. I have super hearing and vision."

    "Well, isn't that just super." She swiped her hands along the foot of the bed. Hadn't she left a robe there? "So do you have X-ray vision like Superman? Can you see through the door?"


    She enjoyed taunting him. He deserved it. "What a shame. Since I'm standing here stark naked." She gasped when the door crashed open. Light spilled in from the hallway, surrounding his tall frame. "You pervert!"

    He scoffed. "You lied."

    "You broke my door!"

    "Only the lock. The door still works." He flipped on the light switch close to the door frame.

    "Ack!" She covered her eyes from the sudden bright light. "What are you doing here?"

    "It's called a job, menina. I believe you've had one of those before?"

    "Very funny." She lowered her hand and noticed he was focused on her nightie. More than focused. His eyes were glued to her clingy, silk leopard print nightgown. Since she was a bit on the tall side, the baby-doll top barely skimmed the top of her thighs. No doubt, a hint of her matching leopard print panties was showing. And if the hot gleam in his eyes was any indication, he's noticed.


    Eat Prey Love is simply delightful and tantalizing in every way. A pure guilty escape from the riggers and stresses of life, this is a story that will take the reader to another world and dimension. I dare you not to lose yourself within its pages and come out with a huge smile and sigh of satisfaction!
  • Nancy L. Matiasen - Kindle Fire HdI wanted this & was given a gift certificate to buy it. Wow, what a delight. My favorite Bibles, devotionals, reference books, mysteries, etc. on one easy to use tablet. I am not a geek, so the ease of use on the Kindle Fire HD really made the decision easy. I love Amazon anyway & they do have a great customer service attitude. As long as they keep that up I will stay with them.