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  • ComfyShoeMaven - Love the Lavender!I've used the Sweet Almond Mint, Tea Tree, and now Lavender. Of the three, I like the Lavender the best.

    I have very short, fine, naturally curly hair that tends to be very dry. After I used the Lavender, my hair was very soft, shiny and manageable. Because I have very short hair, I don't need to use much of this product, so it's a bit more cost-effective for me than it would be for someone with long hair.

    The only downside is, I don't like the Lavender smell. I gave this five stars anyway because the smell goes away pretty quickly, and I can live with it for the short time it takes to shampoo.

    Since I have travel sizes of the Fig and Pomegranate, I'm going to try those as well, but I can't imagine them making my hair look any better than the Lavender did.

    I have a message for Wen. Please work on your fragrances. Of the three I've used, none of them has smelled very good. In fact, if you could come up with a fragrance-free product, I'd really appreciate it.
  • Chance Evan LeBron - Works perfect!I have been using this butter infuser for a few weeks now and i am very happy with it so far. Its super easy to use and cranks out consitent quality butter or oil with hardly any effort. By far one of the best products for medical users who want to eliminate the middle man and make higher grade edibles.