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  • thelma moore - I feel.a more homogeneous relationship with my female items now.We ladies have all been to the aisle - you know the aisle I speak of...That aisle with shelf's stacked to the brim with every fashionably imaginable color coordinating - and jewelry referenced, female sanitary product. Be bought the special coffee cups, the pink tools...

    Now we have special,"For Her" Ball Pens. I can finally match my tampons to my "pens" and feel coordinated. However, I was disappointed that there was no dispensing of a soothing oil or gel when I applied the "pen" to my sensitive female area and began to click...There is also no ribbed rubber grip and the shaft is much too thin to enjoy. Having said that, they look very nice when next to my pearl tampons.
  • K. Abel - GREAT PRODUCT!!Just like any other acne medicine it works for most, but not for all. But for me it worked wonders. Never having an acne issue, I really never worried about my skin. Then I got pregnant and my hormones knocked me back into puberty I guess. Zits everywhere. I have been using Proactiv for 7 years now and I wouldn't use anything else. In fact after using it for an amount of time, I don't have to use it near as much as when you begin. I skip days and most days only have to use it once. If I start to get a zit, just zap some of the "mask" on it like you would clearasil, and it gets rid of it within a day or two. It is a terrific product and I recommend it so much that I even got it for my 14 year old step-daughter. Who also swears by it.

    DO NOT get it from the proactiv website unless you want to pay more and just throw your money away. You pay $30 a month no matter how often you actually get your set. And if you only get your set every 3 months that is 90 bucks plus other shipping fees, etc. that would only pay $60 at the mall for (or less than that on certain websites)... you are paying way over the price it is really worth! And if you deactivate your account you still paid that last 30 bucks for nothing, because if you cancel before your next shipment, you are never going to get that money back even though you didn't get product.

    Give it a shot for a few months and I am certain it will work as well for you as it does for me & my family.
  • Ron B. Tanner "R. Tanner" - Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to AskOgas and Gaddam dig deep into the data of internet usage and tell us flat-out all the things nobody else is willing to tell us about our sexual highways and byways. This is Men-Are-From-Mars and Women-Are-From-Venus X 10, with an emphasis on the X. But these guys aren't fooling around. They are scientists and their research/analyses is quite credible (I am a Ph..D. myself). They are also lively, funny, startling, and always interesting. If you're curious about why men and women react differently to the possibilities in relationships -- and why it's so hard to get male and female in sync (especially when they're out of bed) -- you'll want to read this book.
  • Epaka - Good AirPlay integration completes my musical world...I got a couple of these for their AirPlay capabilities. I got them on super discount or refurbished and they are a great deal at +/-$60. The sound is actually quite good for a single speaker, but it won't replace a true system, and would be overpriced at their original sticker price. I have encased mine in a water resistant enclosure and installed one at the front deck and another at the back deck. The rest of my interior house was already set up to have speakers in every room via a variety of AirPlay methods. To be able to control the music selection, and the volume, on every individual speaker through my whole house via my iPhone or iPad has been awesome. I love living in the future.