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  • Ed - Virginia - Effortless, intuitive, and pwerfulI recently upgraded from SmartDraw 2010 to VP. I originally purchased the product about a year ago to use on a specific project where I needed some unique visuals and project management tools. It worked well for that, particularly the Mind-map feature. When I had another project come up recently, I was presented with the offer to upgrade to VP; all I can say is wow! The new version is beautiful, has more options, and more example templates. Without even thinking about the help function, I jumped right in and was making complex figures in no time. One really unique feature I really like is the export feature. For example, say you are working in a Word document and need to add a mind map diagram. You can fire up VP and create the figure. Using the export to Word option, the figure will be copied to the Word document where your cursor was placed when you left the document - a really handy feature. Overall, recommend highly for spicing up your communications and other reports.
  • L. Tang - Best Tablet EverI like how this tablet works. It is the right size, right weight. It has good functions and many softwares from android system. It is good for reading pdfs, tracking sleep, using internet, playing "swing shot" (a game), watch TED talks, youtube and listen to NPR, music. It is the best purchase for a long time.
    The only problem could be the camera is not great, there is no flash. There is no flash support with android system now (although you can get older version).
  • Jonnyboy300 - Great Product - Recommend it for ANY Mac!When I got my Mac I was nervous about the Microsoft Office programs because I was going into Business Degree and now for an accounting degree, so i know that this program would be vital. My sister has the old version of Office (the 2008) and it just looked AWFUL to me. So when I watched a video about the new 2011 one it looked almost identical to the PC version, so that's why I bought the 2011.

    Overall there have been two classes that I have run into problems on this program with Excel, Computerized accounting 1 and 2. The book is specifically for a PC so you pretty much are STUCK doing it on a PC because some of the stuff was not in the same spot. Other then those two classes, however, just general use for classes like: financial and managerial accounting, governmental accounting, or principals of finance the program worked great making journal entries or making financial statements.

    Word is great! Writing papers, memos, letters, flyers: you name it, it worked just perfectly! One also very cool feature I love about this on Mac is the different layout views including full screen and the notebook layout view. The notebook layout view is Perfect for taking notes in class! It looks just like a notebook sheet of paper.

    PowerPoint is Amazing! There is so many cool things you can do on the Mac version and if you save the presentation to a flash drive the slide show will play the same on a PC. So let your imagination go WILD!

    Overall- All the features that are found in the PC version may not be found in the Mac version but there is one question...How often will you use these features?! Even with my 2 classes that I cant use for Mac I still like the Mac Version better. The Mac Version is great and very well organized. After leaning the basics of these programs you will love it too!
  • Gary A. Baker "Grayman" - Roush 2011 Mustang GT ExhaustPurchased from Amazon/Northcoast Performance. Free shipping got it to me several days sooner than projected date. Price was lower than from Roush directly. Installed in about two hours with a little effort, but overall relative simply. Instructions called for removal of mid-pipe, didn't really need to do, simply jacked the car up on one side, unbolted old mufflers and slid from hangars. Installation was a little trickier, but installed with a little gyration - alignment of tips was fairly straightforward.

    Sound upon start up was exactly like the you tube videos available. However, actual on the road sound is AWESOME. If you've ever seen Steve McQueen in Bullitt (if you have a Stang, I'm sure you have) it sounds exactly like that. Little sound at cruise, downshift and gas and KABOOM the Stang roar. You'll have an eargasm (sorry, stole from someone but liked the term).

    You will be happy with these!