Chemist | Pharmacy | Brisbane Toowoomba Gympie Sunshine Coast Bundaberg Rockhampton | Malouf - Malouf Pharmacies is is the largest privately owned pharmacy group in Queensland with pharmacies situated throughout Brisbane and surrounding areas, on the Sunshine Coast and in regional locations of Toowoomba, Gympie, Bundaberg and Rockhampton.

Country: Oceania, AU, Australia

City: Brisbane, Queensland

  • Luis Hernandez - Great productThis s a very well built product, the components just match or exceeds what you would expect.

    With the trend changing to carries where you stand up the bikes, this will only be a good choice for users like me that intend to carry 5 bikes, if I did not have that requirement I would have selected a model similar to Thule RideOn 9503.
  • Clair - I was skeptical but it is working really wellI read all the reviews and figured they had to be written by people paid by the company. I was wrong! I have been taking the ketone drops since Monday. This is now Friday and I have lost 5 pounds. I am dieting on which has been helping me but I was not losing it very quickly. I'm sure if you just keep eating 4000 calories a day nothing would help but these drops have really turbo charged my diet results. I haven't really been exercising so literally dieting and these have made weight fall off of me. They advertise on the bottle that it increases your energy. I did not have this result. However, my main complaint about diet pills is that they make me jittery and affect my sleep. These do not do that. And they taste really good.
  • J. Thomas "JT" - Great StandI was concerned when I read a few reviews talking about how difficult it is to assemble this stand. Having now completed the assembly, let me just say that this is one of the simplest kits to assemble that I've ever seen (I'm comparing to things like Ikea furniture and whatnot). Just follow the instructions (e.g., do not tighten the bolts fully until you have everything together).

    Seriously, this thing is dead simple to put together. The bolts are a little tight, but should be a piece of cake for someone who uses the 1090 dumbbells (I have the 552s). All you need is the included Allen wrench and a sturdy, ratcheting socket wrench.

    This is a great, sturdy stand. Exactly what I was looking for.
  • Ms. Harmon, Orlando, Florida - The title captured me, the words comforted me but the finish stimulated my deepest thoughts...outstanding!This was an excellent read. The title captured the essence of what I feel at this time in my life, so I was eager and excited to go on this mission with Ms. Betty Jean. I have already purchased The Kindle version for my mom and I will continue to spread the good word about this title and story. Thank you Terry McMillian for keeping me entertained and motivated during my lunch breaks and before bed, it was nice to turn out the reality drama of my life and get caught up in somebodies else's foolishness. :)

    Sad because it ended but excited for Betty Jean,

    Lekeithia Harmon
    Wife, Mom, Daughter, Nurse and The Worlds Drama dumping ground...but still smiling.
  • Irishgal - Intelligently Sarcastic"As far as I'm concerned, I'm a middle-of-the-road moderate and the rest of you are crazy."
    - Ann Coulter, p. 309 (hardback edition)

    After reading "If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans," I backed up to read some of Ann Coulter's earlier work. Her 2004 book, "How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must)" is a collection of unedited or previously rejected columns on a variety of subjects, from 9/11 to the Clinton presidency to her constant dislike for the New York Times. As always, Coulter holds nothing back as she blasts the Left for their arguments and politics. Don't agree with her viewpoints? Don't read the book.

    For those of you who are from the Right side of the political spectrum, Coulter's arguments are witty and to the point. She is clearly an intelligent woman who knows what she's talking about, and though her language can seem offensive to some, I find it hilarious. Unlike most authors, Ann Coulter isn't preoccupied with not offending people. She takes delight in it. Over the years, liberals have labeled Coulter as being a nutjob. In fact, Amazon tags include phrases such as "wingnut welfare", "waste of a good tree", and "evil". All of this for one woman who chooses to speak her mind against the mainstream media!

    Among the arguments that Ann presents in the book are that Al Gore illegally conducted several recounts in the 2000 Presidental Election (backed by the law-breaking Florida Supreme Court), Elian Gonzalez was taken on the basis of a warrant that should never have been issued, as it was based on false information, and Clinton's impeachment. Other columns deal with Coulter's being misquoted in the media (not an unusual occurrance for her) and the truly illogical arguments of the Democratic Party.

    Looking for a book that presents logical, intelligent conservative arguments in a sarcastic and humorous format? Try Ann Coulter. Not interested? Skip the book altogether.