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  • John A. Bertels - Rush is Timeless in "Time Machine"Recorded in Cleveland, this DVD is perhaps the best that Rush has offered in terms of video quality, stage theatrics and camera work. If you did not see Rush on the Time Machine tour, this is a highly accurate representation of what you could expect to see if you had. Objectively, the set list choice was a decent one and certainly one where classic numbers are going to be included, e.g. "Spirit of Radio", "Tom Sawyer", "YYZ" and "Limelight". Therefore, if you were just watching this DVD, having never seen "Rush In Rio", "R30" or "Snakes and Arrows (Live)", it would be all brand new. Realistically, on the other hand, it is no different than seeing Rush in concert, 10 or 15 times.

    The musicianship is excellent and despite reports of Geddy having a cold that night, he delivered a very respectable performance for a highly demanding job. There was much more "looseness" and clowning around among the three during the show. I suspect that this was recorded at/towards the end of the tour, noting Alex mouthing "halfway" to Neil Peart during Subdivisions, which marked the halfway point in the show.

    Clearly, in this performance, Rush exemplified their love for not only their music and fans but the bond between them onstage/off. The comedy skits at the beginning of the DVD, intermission and end are all priceless. Everyone knows that Alex and Geddy can be pretty hysterical on their own....but this time, 'ol Elwood joins in on the fun. Yes, Mr. Peart, everyone knows that you did not lose your sense of humour in life and that you have been able to smile again...most likely because of The Blessed Event mentioned in Far and Away: A Prize Every Time... It is definitely a worthwhile experience to see Neil take part in this.

    Personally, if the set list was up to me, I would have diversified it a little more. Although I really liked "Camera Eye", parts of it that were recorded in the studio were just too complex to reproduce live on stage, without using a lot of sequenced parts. I would also say that nearly every album was covered but not all. I also think that Rush has....and this is only constructive criticism, overplayed some of these songs in the last four "live" albums because four out of the last five albums WERE "live"....There were two new tunes, BU2B and Caravan which were included on this DVD, which were pretty good. Hopefully, Rush will complete that new album soon and tour again.

    Another high note for this DVD and huge crowd in Cleveland is the diverse age range of Rush fans. There were many younger people there as well as people who grew up with Rush in their adolescence. It's remarkable to see just how many people have been touched by their music.

    I recommend this DVD and give it a high-five stars. If you wanted to see Rush on this tour but couldn't....or have just never seen them, you need to have this.
  • Richard of Danbury "Richard of Danbury" - Answers the Question: What's Up Doc!This is truly an invaluable resource for not only backcountry medical emergencies but also handy for the family medicine chest. It is a guide to diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illness from simple to complex. This should be part of any family emergency kit.
  • Perry F. Gawen, Jr. - Probably the best around!Quicken can't be beat. The 2013 edition takes the place of my 2004 edition and I'm still getting used to it. However, I think when I do it will be better than ever! Balance your checkbooks, keep track of your investments, specify what is tax-related and print a comprehensive tax report, etc. Quicken is an absolutely terrific record-keeping assistant! Keep in mind that a download does not include a user's manual which, on my older Quicken version was a terrific help. Need a manual, whether you have used the older version or are new to Quicken.