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  • 1busdriver - By far one of the best toys made for a toddlerBought this for my three year old for Christmas. She loves it so much! She has learned so much; her letters, numbers motor skills! She doesn't leave the house without it. I drive a school bus and she rides with me. It keeps her entertained and busy! It has sustained many drops and "oopsies" (I do recommend the leap pad gel cover and headphones to go with it). Great educational toy!
  • PD - H&R Block At Home DeluxeI have been using this product (used to be called Tax Cut) for at least 15 years and find the software very reliable - never had to amend a return, never had a audit, never crashed. It's companion Deduction Pro is a great way to itemize dozens of charitable deductions, medical bills, etc., and uploads easily to the tax program. Can't see changing to that other big seller.
  • Julie Lowe - Great product for NGOsI am an Australian volunteer working in developing countries with NGOs and find Quickbooks non profit the easiest accounting package to install and train inexperienced local staff on. I have also worked with MYOB and Peachtree and find Quickbooks much more user friendly. I have been installing and training on Quickbooks for the past 15 years and have not experienced any major problems - it probably helps that the countries I work in do not have the same arduous taxation regulations for non profits that the USA has.