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  • MRS "MermaidsScalesLtd" - Worth every cent and more. Congrats to the author. You're amazing!I am an everyday average person. I love to read and really appreciate thoughtful, well planned storytelling with an intelligence factor required. This started off slowly. I persevered. It rewarded me in so many ways. What an exclusive, amazing story. And the writer is going to be such a big name!!! I won't even attempt to describe the story-where's the fun in that? Read it for yourself. Push past the beginning. It's a little confusing and slow, but as things begin to happen, you won't be able to turn pages fast enough.
  • Justin - So much potential..... but falls short because of bugs. (Updated)Edit:
    I feel guilty because it took a comment on my review to remind me that I even wrote this. I was just reading it and it almost feels like a stranger wrote it. So here is my updated review:

    It took 3 days but someone responded to my question. They didn't resolve my issue, but that doesn't matter at this point. Clearly, Autodesk pays attention to what people put on the that forum because they patched it a little bit later and now all the bugs I was experiencing are gone. The memory leak seems to have been patched as I have used it for hours at a time without issue. I also replaces the tablet I was working on, which may have helped with the draw bug I was getting. It was a budget tablet and the drivers were kind of shot. They also had a memory leak that resulted in the tablet taking 2 of my 4 Gigs of RAM.

    Take all my cons and throw them in the trash. The software is super intuitive, as I stated before, it has all the most important features of the big boys and you can do work that is just as good as you get on Photoshop. The only thing you get with the bigger programs is ease of use as far as features such as layer masks and Alpha Channels. If you don't happen to have $1000 kicking around to get it, then this is well worth it. I usually start in this and if I have to use Alpha's or anything like that, I import into Photoshop for some easy changes that you only get with the functional ease of use it offer. If you want a complete art suite, I would suggest this in combination with ArtRage Pro. You have it all from a functional art perspective for around $110 total.

    The only thing I'm waiting for is a new version. I checked out their Sketchbook Design program, and it's good too. It comes with this included, but at $450 it's hard to commit.

    Anyway, this is well worth the money. Get it and you won't regret it.

    Original Review:
    Let me begin by saying that I have worked with some of the largest software, even as a hobbyist. I was using this with a budget Pen Tablet because I didn't have a lot of money when I bought it, but that budget pen tablet is pretty damn fantastic. I'm gonna borrow my buddies Wacom Bamboo just to check it out, but I get the feeling that I won't be in the market till I have money for an Intuos.

    1.This has the best interface out of them all. They worked so hard and made the interface so intuitive it's scary, it's like they were in my head when they designed it. You can just effortlessly go from one tool you need to another without any issue what so ever. After about 5 minutes I was completely comfortable with it.
    2.The price is fantastic, even brand new this software only ran about $80.
    3.It has features that all the major programs have. It has layers, blending tools, picture rotation, awesome brushes, etc.

    1.It seems to eat memory up. When I get to 5 layers or more it slows down a whole lot. It will stop responding and will sit for 10 seconds at a time.
    2.After about 15 minutes of use this strange glitch happens that may or may not have to do with zooming. I will start to draw a line from around the center of the piece and it won't be drawing. Then if I keep going to the right it will all of the suddenly start drawing it as if I started off the left side of the page. The only way to get it fixed is to restart it. I went to the forums to see if there was some kind of fix for this, which brings me to my next point:
    3.The forums are completely dead. I posted on their yesterday and didn't have to bump my post because no one put up any new posts after I did that one.

    So, I essentially wasted $55 on this. It's painful because the UI is amazing. But the bugs seem horrendous. Between the lag, the draw bug and dead forums, I would say to give this one a pass. I checked to see if there were any updates and the software on the disc was completely up to date. You can get the Student Edition of Painter 12 for $99 from the Corel website. And it doesn't have any of the problems this does, unfortunately it also doesn't have the UI. And I can't get a refund either, so it was a gamble and I lost. Hopefully others won't make the same mistake.