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  • Debbie VanAcker - An Adventure!I couldn't put it down. It's truly an adventure, and the characters in the book become real. It seemed I was inside the book, experiencing the journey myself. I thought about the book when I wasn't reading it, and looked forward to when I could sit and read it. Immediately ordered Dragonfly in Amber when I finished Voyager (Outlander).
  • Doris - GREAT product!I've been taking this pill for a week. So far so good, I've noticing my stomach is flatter & I eat less than usual.
    I love it how it doesn't give me any allergic reaction or any side effect.
  • allexx - Huge upgrade. Turned my TV into what is was supposed to be.What a difference. Turned my 8000 series Samsung from barley usable to a wonderful thing to behold. Samsung should not of released the Smart TV before they had this. Biggest complaint is that they did not make it work with the old remote controller. Most of us do not want to relearn everything from scratch. This thing comes with a nifty little controller with super capabilities but it is night and day different from the old one.. YES IT IS A BETTER REMOTE CONTROLLER! I liked it allot but my wife still complains about it on a daily basis. She just can's seem to get it to do what she wants.
  • Pokerman - Looked forward to reading this bookI very much enjoyed reading this book, it gave me more of an understanding of the people, places and events going on during the time of Jesus's life on earth. It also explained a little bit about the Roman emperors and what kind of life they lived and the Jewish priests and hierarchy at that time. It will definitely help me when I pray the rosary and meditate on its mystery's.
  • BiologyBeauty - Best ACT book around!I ENTHUSIASTICALLY recommend this book to anyone taking the ACT! I have brought my score from a 24 to a 29 using this book and scored a 35 on the english section! The math review is also very extensive in this book. I used this along with the real ACT prep guide, and these tests are the most accurate that you can get next to the real ones. The explanatory answers are fabulous, and this book puts Barron's to shame! I couldn't recommend this book any more. Overall I have improved my composite 5 points, English 5 points, math 5 points, reading 7 points, and science 3 points!!!