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  • Millicent Conklin - Let's Go Paris!Rick Steves' new edition of Paris is an essential guidebook for visiting Paris without being on a tour. His information on where to stay is excellent because he tends to avoid the "touristy" areas, seeking lively neighborhoods with fun shopping instead. He covers everything from practical tips to history in words anyone can understand.
  • Matthew - Great product for the moneyFirst off, I never had really bad acne but it always seemed that I had a couple of zits at any given moment. I had used a prescription but that made my skin dry so I wanted to try something different.. That's when I decided to give Exposed skin care a try. I started off using it everyday and pretty much instantly I noticed my skin get clearer. One and a half years later, I still use it but now I probably only use it 3 or 4 times a week. My skin still looks great and it's the same price that I was spending for my prescription. I only use the basic kit and it works wonderful.
  • Jacob - As intense as I was expecting.I ordered mine directly from beach body so I could make the monthly payment on it which works out to cheaper than a gym membership for two(Both me and my fiance are using it). The work outs are intense but not too bad where you can't get through them. I enjoy the change of pace that the different work outs offer as it you are doing something different each day and you are always resting the muscles from the day before. Overall it was money well spent and I plan on purchasing the second set of the DVDs soon. It comes with one resistance strap however we use dumbbells instead and the DVD shows how to do each work out with either. It doesn't come with the pull up bar although some of the workouts do use it so be aware ahead of time you will need one to complete that portion of the DVD although many you can get by without it. The only other equipment you will really need is a stable chair for a couple of the workouts.
  • Charlie Warren - Samsung Galaxy Tab(tm) 2 10.1 (Wi-Fi) 16GB ~ GT-P5113I liked my Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate, and I like the Galaxy S4. Basically, if you're happy with Samsung, then you'll love this, and maybe even if you're an Apple Fan. The Price is right. The Twin Speakers on the Sides are Pretty Good, not Over Powering, but you're going to plug in your Stereo Earphones on the plane anyhow. Wi-Fi works wonderfully, and tethers from another Cell Phone well. The 1080 HD Screen is very Sharp and Crisp with Vibrant Colors. There's not much of a Camera here, but I bought it to view in the Living Room while watching TV, and find out the Filming Location on IMDb, and to Track Shipments and to read Email. Once, you get a Tablet, you wonder how did you survive without one, and then you find that no matter how big your Cell Phone's Screen is, it's nothing compared to viewing anything on the 10 inch Tablet, I take the Tablet to Church, and read from Olive Tree's Bible with a Lexicon from Spiros Zodhiates Complete Study Bible, or I Tether it to my Cell Phone and my family Watches SlingBox in the car. With Sywpe or Google Voice Typing or other Speech to Text Recognition Software, you almost don't need a KeyPad anymore.

    The Amazon Tablet app works on this Tablet, but let's just say Bye-bye to the No-Frills, No Icons Limited Page Mobile Apps, and you'll be glad to note that you can run everything including Amazon on this Tablet in it's Native Internet Explorer or Google Chrome Window, with Full Pictures and such. And you can set BookMarks on the New Internet Page. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is running Android Version 4.1.1, (Jelly Bean#, so it does all the Tricks you're used to, like organizing Folders, and bringing up all Active Apps. Reading with Kindle or watch a YouTube Video is so more better than on the Cell Phone. The Unlock Screen gives you Four Choices, Google Search Plus Weather, Tracking, Stocks ; Video Gallery, Internet, Picutre Gallery. And this Comes with AccuWeather, and it's pretty easy to set up several different Email Accounts. The 1.0 Dual Core Processor seems fast so far.

    Old School DOS Structure is gone, and is a little more Difficult to go to a Drive just using the Drive Letter. Example, #instead of just switching from C:\Users\Public\Documents to J:\Users\Public\Documents, I now have to go to the Drive 1st to Computer\GT-P5113\Card\Users\Public\Documents#. I had to Change some of my BackUp Batch Files to represent the new File Structure.

    You probably want to get a Leather Case for it, as the back was Slippery and it's sort of heavy. CrazyOnDigital Stand Leather Case with Charger and Screen Protector For Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 #6-item#
    The Calulator is not as Good as I would Like, but it's the Stock Samsung Calculator, #I use and highly Recommend getting the RDev Calculator App).
    It was nice to have the Alarm Clock back with the "Good Morning" Melody, as I had gotten my Cell Phone prior to the Samsung Galaxy S III, so I have a Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX, and I had to import the "Good Morning" Melody into it and had DownLoaded Alarm Clock Extreme, so I now got both.

    Which reminds me, The Cool thing is that all my Apps that I had DownLoaded started DownLoading to the Tablet, and except for SlingBox, which had a different App for the Android Tablets than for the Android Cell Phones.and I didn't have to reinstall all my Bible Apps. I did have to put in the User ID and Password,

    And I put a SanDisc 64Gb Ultra Micro SDXC in mine, and the Tablet picked it up and runs fine even in the exFat Format, now I have 80Gb. Awesome to the Max~! I may even buy another Sumsung Galaxy Tab~!