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  • the guru "I live on amazon" - Im not audiophile, but these are super terrific.I bought these for my rear surround sound speakers. They are mounted to the wall using pinpoint mounts and hardwired audio outlets, so all the wiring is in the wall. These sound amazing. I had a set of Panasonic rears, they were micro speakers sort of like the tiny Bose speakers. These are far better. I now have much more audio coming out of the rears than i ever noticed before and that annoying feedback hiss is gone if I put my ear close up to the speaker. They are not too heavy and just the right size to complete the room. I will also note that Polk Audio has some of the nicest packaging in the industry, they box and foam interior is very protective. My speakers shipped from Washington State to the East Coast and the box was mint. I don't know how they would be for front speakers (I have a set of towers) but as rear or 7.1 side speakers these are a terrific addition and at a cost of $100 a set for Polks you really cannot go wrong here.
  • Sherita - So GoodI really enjoyed this book, and also Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed . It took me two weeks to read all three books. It's a true page turner. It had drama, erotic romance, I love this book. I bought it in paperback and when I finished reading the third installment Fifty Shades Freed, I bought it on my tablet and listen to the book on immersion reading. I hope who ever get this book and the other two books enjoy it. I can't wait till the movie come out. To bad Charlie Hunnam won't be in it, but still I can't wait to see the movie.
  • Michael Urban - Really works!This approach is based on ancestral living to develop posture according to people before the industrial revolution. It does really work. The premise is that most of our furniture of the last century is developed to put people into a slouching position which causes compression on the front side of the spine and tension on the back side. In my opinion, the position of the spine which causes the least disc compression is the natural one and that is the viewpoint of this book.