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  • Beach Ma - Kindle Book ReviewI received my Kindle for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I find that it is very easy to use it. Products are normally right handed originated and since I am left handed I do find that the page turner works well from either side of the reader. The only thing that I do find is that it is hard to determine what page I am on because it does not have the page number. So it difficult to tell how far you are into the book unless you go to the table of contents. To me it's the greatest Christmas gift I ever received. I did buy a different leather case from amazon that holds the reader better.
  • gudnold - Keep giving my book awayI have a terrible time keeping this book. I keep giving it away to people with bowel problems and children with mild forms of ADD or ADHD. And, I need another one to give to a couple of doctors I know. Unfortunately, I always stop the diet too soon, and the symptoms start back again in a couple of months. This time I will stay on the diet a full year, and add back s-l-o-w-l-y.