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  • Michael "suplex2000" - "The" cure for PsoriasisIn Dr. Pagano's book he mentions drinking a specific type of tea: "American Yellow Saffron Tea". GET IT! I have had Psoriasis on my scalp for a few years, and sometimes it gets to the point where it is beet red. I have been following the diet in Pagano's book for about a month, but only in the last week have I been drinking the tea and the Psoriasis on my scalp is all but cured. I can wait to see what the next few weeks will bring.
  • ShopaholicBelle - It worksI have been using this just about every day for about 5 years. Start with small doses and you will work your way up to a larger dose over time, so if it doesn't do it's job try adding a capsule to your intake. It helps me feel better and maintain my weight. I really recommend it.
  • David McBee - Good for businessI recently flew to Seattle on business where I had appointments with several potential clients. The airline lost my luggage, so I had to attend my meetings in my travel clothes. At first, I would apologize to my prospects for wearing crocks, cargo shorts and the Mountain Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee. But they would have none of that.

    At each meeting my prospects insisted we ditch the coffee house and head to the local bar for brews. We ate cheesy pretzels, sang karaoke and gave away a lot of one dollar bills. The meetings went great and I sold more during that trip than in the previous three trips combined.

    No one told me directly that it was because of this amazing shirt, but I think we all know the truth.