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  • poofier - Hands down the best for mold removalWhen we moved into our new house last summer we encountered a significant mold and mildew problem in the master bathroom shower. We tried all the cleaners we normally used - bleach/water solution, Scrubbing Bubbles, Scrub Free, Clorox, even Windex. They helped somewhat with the mildew but the mold persisted, much to our disgust.

    Finally we got a bottle of Tilex Mold & Mildew Remover on my father's advice, and wow! I just sprayed it on, left for a while (the bottle said five minutes but I did it for a half hour or so), and when I went back to check nearly all the mold was GONE! A second application and a little bit of elbow grease got the last stubborn pockets of mold, and our shower was sparkling clean for the first time since we'd lived here.

    I can't recommend this product highly enough. My only regret is not buying it sooner. One thing to note is that the fumes are pretty potent, so make sure to turn the fan on and/or leave the door open so everything can air out properly. My bathroom smelled a little like a chlorinated pool for a couple days afterward but in my opinion that's a small price to pay for a mold-free shower.
  • Terri Moore - Align ProductA great product. The Doctor told us this was the only tested probiotic that had proven results. My daughter has been using it for 2 months now and it had in deed helped. We will continue to use it. We are happy with the product and Amazon for getting it to us quickly! Amazon also had the best price offered.
  • K. Brandt - ditch the loserThis book helped me see men more clearly. Very powerful! Really opened my eyes to the type of loser i was sweating over! I feel so much better about myself after reading this. And i haved stronger aspirations about not only my life but about the men that i will let into it from now on! I deserve so much more than I was allowing myself--I am truly grateful that i purchased this. A must read for all women who have ever been treated poorly by a man--Never again!
  • Renée - Hello World - Easy ReadAs the title suggests it's a COMPLETE understanding of computers, it is detail oriented and easy to read, with plenty of pictures and colored headers with tiny side notes to links that you can check for yourself online for further research, it covers a wide range of topics such as computer hardware components to software programs and what types, it even gives you a little taste of current projects from IT oriented companies to keep things in perspective, however, this book assumes you know nothing about computers. It is not a technical manual by any means. I support this book for those who struggle with computer literacy, are just starting out and want to quickly become familiar with computers or who are searching for an unbiased open explanation to some of today's computer terminology and its concepts and how they impact our daily lives.
  • susan baker - I'd Love to Live in MitfordI'm reading the Mitford series of books for the second time - this time to a group of residents at my parents' assisted living facility. They are enthralled with Father Tim and his wonderful friends in the little town of Mitford. Jan Karon is a master at bringing small town America alive with colorful characters and her ability to turn every day life in this village into the most heart warming story.