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  • R. Bois - RevolutionaryI'd tried lots of different anti-antiperspirants over the years, but nothing really did the trick. I tried SweatBlock really as a last ditch effort before actually going to a dermatologist. I was amazed there was really no stinging, itching, or any side-effects at all. And I now go a full week before re-applying (I just use body spray or deodorant now, as SweatBlock has virtually eliminated underarm perspiration. I've been using the product for over a year now, and I find that my shirts stay cleaner, last longer, and I'm just more comfortable. The added benefit of only having to apply the product once a week doesn't hurt either!
  • J. Mccarthy - These cables cured my AIDS.What can I say? I blew $500 on this cable thinking I might as well enjoy the highest quality data transmission during my last miserable AIDS-infested days on the planet. Well upon installing the cable I noticed a spring in my step and a lessening of the sores. 2 weeks, that's right 2 weeks later, my doctors told me that I had been cured of AIDS!!! Can't wait to go back to Haiti now!!!
  • amazonisfun "D.shopper" - What? Binders for women? I use an SD card!What? Binders full of women? How ancient! We personally use an SD card. It holds much more women and you can put them into folders...and even sub folders! It is compact enough to fit in your wallet or pocket so you have women at your beckoning call! It is easy to keep them under control because they know they can be deleted at the press of a button. You don't have to punch holes in the women and you put a password on it so no one can steal your women. In a binder women could get wrinkled or aged or even ripped! With an SD card they remain fresh as the day you found them! The best part is my husband keeps it in my laptop and sets an alarm for me so i know when to do the dishes, pick up the kids and have dinner ready for him in case I space out. Binders...sheesh... it's 2012!
    * I have edited this because I have been informed there is an even better way to keep your women. iCLOUD!! Yes, you do not even have to have it with you and can access it from anywhere! Beats the BINDER AND SD CARD! yay! I gave it a 5 though because these binders are sturdy and strong and good for holding other things besides women!
  • Johnny 5 - Great Upgrade.I have guess you would call a somewhat older HP laptop. It does have an I7 processor but it only has Sata II in it. This M500 has definitely breathed new life into this laptop. It now boots in 37 seconds instead of slightly over 2 minutes. All programs open very fast now. The Windows 7 computer performance score went from 5.9 to 6.7. The 5.9 was the score for the old hard drive. The new SSD score is now 7.8. I'm very pleased with these results and would recommend this Cucial M500 SSD to anyone.