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  • Michelle L. Long "QB Consultant" - Love the Ribbon & updated look -- with colors on the top icon bar (in R4 Update)With the R4 update, you can add color to the top icon bar (my video shows how to turn on the color -- search for it on YouTube - MichelleLongCPA to find it). I really like the new ribbons on the transactions. Overall I think the updated look is more modern. Now when I use an older year of QuickBooks, I realize how much I like the look and feel of QB 2013. Things are easy to see and read with larger fonts, etc. You can click on the 'maximize' button to see a transaction full screen.

    Michelle Long, CPA, Advanced Certified ProAdvisor
    Owner, Long for Success, LLC
  • Anjela Funk "sublimeattitude" - *MUST READ* 'NEXT LEVEL PROBIOTIC NUTRITION!!!!!!'This book is amazing!! It's changing my life and Ive learned soooooo much from it, please research fermenting vegetables,no sugar, and candida further. Its highly prevalent for our times.Living a ''B.E.D.'' lifestyle can have life changing anti-aging,super immunity, and happy/blissful effects. LIVE IT!! It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle. Hippocrates - "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"
  • J. L. Hoffmann - Excercise caution when buying from 3rd party sellers!I just want to share a review on something I learned the hard way. I bought this set from Craigslist, not Amazon, but it can just as easily happen here. The set I bought is counterfeit. One easy way to tell-they say its used, but its still plastic wrapped. Or you open the info and it's filled with typos. Or you get the set and the dvds are all in little plastic wrap inside the sleeves. Sets coming from China are another red flad I've seen others mention. I'm hoping you do buy P90X and enjoy it. Just be cautious when you make that purchase, or the same could happen to you. I can't use all the functions on my DVD, and there are typos in my meal plan, which can be a BIG problem. Thanks for reading!
  • Paul Christensen "normal human" - AMAZING... seriously works!AMAZING... seriously works! I have had stomach/loose you know what's.. for as long as I can remember. This worked on the second day, I feel great and can eat so many things that I previously wouldn't dare!! If you've tried everything, you're in luck. This will put you back on track and make your stomach smile.