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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • Sheridan T "Lucky" - EPL3 Compact and powerfulIn 2005, my need was a camera which had no shutter lag to shoot pictures of my speedy daughters. I ended up with the Nikon D300. Beautiful shots which have been enlarged to 16x20. More recently the kids have grown, while the D300 still fills my photo needs, it would be great to have a video record of their violin and piano recitals. The tilt screen, HD video and small size drew me to the EPL3 which looked like it would fill my need perfectly. Unlike the D300, the EPL3 actually fits in my pants pocket. The quality of the video and the ease of copying the files to my computer drive really surprised me. My EPL3 came with the 14-42mmIIR lens, this combination truly blew me away after reviewing the pics I snapped of a Hawaiian sunset after a heavy rainstorm...breathtaking colors. I cheated a bit by using a 8x ND filter and my tripod. After lugging the D300 around for the past 6 years the EPL3 feels like a toy because of its compact size and weight. I have read the EP1 & EP2 are sluggish in the focus department, seems like with the EPL3 this is no longer an issue. Panasonic lens 20mm 1.7 and 14mm 2.5 seem to be fully compatible, both lens slipped on and were ready to shoot. Once this camera is in your hands you should be impressed by the seek look and quality feel. This camera delivers wonderful photos and video. The EPL3 is definitely not a toy.
  • C. Macauley "cmacauley" - Superb Teaching ToolI first started using this book when I worked in a refugee camp in 1984. Since then I've used material from it in training workshops in 12 different countries. It's hard to overemphasize how important this book is, not only as a text, but from a philosophical standpoint: Werner has spent his life trying to decrease our dependence on the medical establishment and this book does it perfectly, carefully noting when and why we need to seek professional care, but listing all the areas of health that can be managed at home, even for people with little or no education. It's simple, smart, kind and filled with clear, delightful illustrations. Updated editions do a good job of maintaining Werner's original intent, and spin-offs carry on his philosophy into other areas of health. The book is so widely translated and used that it has changed the way aid agencies operate. Utterly brilliant!
  • gboots - Love, Love, LoveI have been a WEN girl for many years now and will never ever use any other product on my hair. My hair has never looked better since I switched. I had never used the Lavender scent before it is lovely.

    My hair is color treated and I am a women of a "certain age". My hair is healthy looking, soft, and the condition is unbelievably awesome. I saw a noticeable difference after the first time I used the product. I can not say enough positive remarks regarding this product and how great it makes your hair look. I would highly recommend WEN.
  • Carol Erickson - Nutri BulletAbsolutely love the product, but feel I got ripped off by Amazon Prime, as their price was way above the going price at Walmart and other places. I know it was my fault for not looking into the prices better, but I had come to believe I would get he best deals from Amazon and didn't have to bother with a lot of research.
  • Pamela Jarmon-Wade "Tx Red Rose" - A Plus for Any PCI have been a fan and repeat user of McAfee products for several years. I have been completely satisfied with the previous years' anti-virus protection, so there was no doubt in using the 2011 version. The installation is easy and can be done either with disc or from the internet. The scans are quick and the updates consistent. Highly recommended item.