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  • Mlhill - Great advice for busy moms trying to create a healthy homeI loved this book. I'm a busy mom with a 2 1/2 yr old and a newborn and find it overwhelming at times to run a healthy household. This book was full of advice for making healthy meals and snacks, how to have healthier products in the home and where to find info on which products are best. Even picking out a non-toxic baby lotion can be hard with all the misrepresentation on labels these days but in the book there are a lot of helpful websites and guides to make your selection easier. Of course, she does spend some time here and there talking about how great her company is and the products they make but it was not pushy in any way.
    Most of this info wasn't new to me. I've researched chemicals in our personal products and household products for years. But it did shed some new light on labeling and lies in the industry and helped to inspire me to try harder to keep those nasty chemicals out of our house. Lets face it- it's much easier to run to the store and pick up whichever product will do the job but this book shows a little research goes a long way and even helps with loads of info on each topic.
    There are also sections on Jessica's style and parenting philosophies. I found her to be very well grounded and non-intrusive in sharing all of this. It's always interesting to see how other moms get the job done!
    I would recommend this book to any parent or person that wants to create a safer, balanced home. It's a quick read and one you will refer back to often for all of the recipes, guides, and websites she provides!
  • Dare2Dream - I have bad skin allergies--this lotion is AMAZINGPhilosophy Hope in a Jar Daily Moisturizer, All Skin Types, 2 Ounce

    I am very frugal when it comes to face creams. I went to Sephora with a friend, however, and she talked me into trying this. It is AMAZING. I am in my mid forties and had been blessed with skin that has always made people guess I am a decade younger. Unfortunately it's been catching up with me. After only a week I can see a difference.

    COMMENTS ABOUT ALLERGY ISSUES IN OTHER REVIEWS: I saw the other reviews on here regarding allergies. If you have sensitive skin, I would not take this as an indication this will definitely inflame your skin. I have major skin allergies, my skin has turned bright red and puffed up on the first application of many different lotions. Generally I just get hives, which get worse and worse each time a lotion is applied. This has done nothing to my skin at all (other than improve it).

    If you are concerned, you can go to any Sephora and get a free sample to test out before purchasing. Use caution as to price. I originally purchased mine from Sephora, but purchased a new container from Amazon now, as I got a better deal.

    CON: It does not smell great. It has, what I feel, a medical smell to it. It reminds me of a hospital, for some reason. It is a light smell, however, not overpowering at all. I am pretty sensitive to smell, and it doesn't bother me. I only notice it when applying it.

    PRO: It even feels different when going on. It is not as greasy as the cheaper versions I've been purchasing in the drug store. It tightens my skin and is already reducing lines around my eyes and one crease I developed by my lip. It works! I don't say this lightly, I always go in sure something will make a difference and this actually has. It can be applied before makeup. I wait 10 minutes and then apply powder and my skin doesn't appear to be shiny at all.

    In closing, I found this to be a wonderful product that makes skin appear tighter, and fine lines disappear. I highly recommend it. I have one other recommendation. To adjust it to a night cream, add a drop of "Philosophy When Hope is Not Enough Omega 3-6-9 Replenishing Oil". I simply asked Sephora for a free sample, and they put it in a small bottle. I use so little that I've not even made a dent on the free sample. If you have a Sephora near you (ours is inside a JC Penney, so look inside Major Department stores) I would request a sample of either or both products. It will leave your face somewhat greasy, so I would only do so at night. It will sink in as you sleep.
  • Roy Stephenson - Kindle FireI debated for months whether to buy one or not and finally decide to do so and I wasn't disappointed. Love reading books on the Kindle Fire, love watching videos on the Kindle Fire when a tv isn't available, love being able to download magazines & newspapers that I already subscribe to on the Kindle Fire. In summation, I love it and highly recommend to anyone looking to buy a tablet.
  • Inside Job - A Yearly TraditionThe Ansel Adams Calendar is something I purchase every year. The photographs are uniformly beautiful and the quality of the calendar is excellent. One does tend to see some of the same photos from year to year, but they are great pictures.

    I would also suggest reading Ansel Adams autobiography. Not only was he a great photographer, but also a musician, environmental activist, and man of conscience.
  • Bernard Show "Charlie the Lion King" - Excellent compendium of ideas.I liked and enjoyed this book very much even though it might have been a collection of essays/articles, some previously published in various magazines.

    Sometimes you get the impression, as some reviewers have noted, that there are digressions between some of the subjects under discussion, but I believe that the writer is giving some personal insights--no matter how irreal or virtual they might have been-- which belongs to his private, intimate experiences offering an structure of his vision and perspective of the world he, and whether we like it or not, all of us live in, although sometimes I think too many do not seem to be living on this planet.

    The prose is straightforward but, to me, on many instances exquisite. On page 388 he reaches his overall conclusion and from pages 392-394 he uses one of his extensive reference authors and his own criteria based on facts that we all can see, but many seem not to take into consideration for anything, to predict what is happening almost three years after he published this book,that is: at present time.

    I find this book an excellent read.