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  • Paul M. Provencher "ppro" - Has it all!This product really covers the whole spectrum of potential problems when using a computer online
    - Anti-virus
    - Anti-spyware
    - Anti-phishing
    - Two-way firewall
    - Online Identity Protection
    - Website Safety Ratings
    - USB drive scanning
    - Online Backup
    - Parental Controls

    I have had each of these features activate and they have prevented me from getting the associated problems that would have resulted from not using this software.

    You can control settings to manage how much "risk" you want to take. You can fly "solo" or your can fly "locked down to the max". It's up to you. If you go with the most open settings the software will warn you that you're taking chances. That's good if you have to soften one of the controls for a software install or something and "forget" to set it back.

    The web site rating is useful because it warns you of web sites that have bad things waiting for you. It will actually stop you from going there unless you decide you want to - at your own risk...

    It prevents bad email from executing if there's a known virus in it.

    You can control which programs have access to the internet (incoming or outgoing). That is a way of controlling what they do so that your info is not compromised.

    It's easy to install.

    The one thing that can be a pain is that sometimes it interferes with programs you may already have. For example I am having trouble getting the right settings to allow full capabilities of my video surveillance system. It definitely lets me record what's going on, but I can't get all the features to work - not sure if it's my McAfee or my switch...

    I would not go on the internet without this program installed on my computer. It has saved me many times.

    We use it to manage our kids access to the internet. Each time they go to a site that they have not visited before, they have to come see us for permission. We enable those sites that we consider safe and deny those that are not. Once they've got permission to go to a site, we don't have to deal with it again. Also keeps track of places they attempt to go just in case...

    A license for three computers makes it great for a multi-computer household!
  • Momof2beautys "Christina S" - Keeps me healthy....and at a healthy weight.I drink 4-6 Ensure Plus a day, and I have for many years. The only flavor I can stomach anymore is the Milk Chocolate....not too sweet so it goes down easiest. The taste is tolerable and the texture is like a whole milk.

    I have Cystic Fibrosis, so maintaining a gaining weight is a struggle. Ensure is the only supplement that has worked for me....over Boost and the other brands. I too agree that the price on Amazon is WAY too high. I have found the best price at Sam's Club, a case for about $30.

    Also a GREAT immune system booster!

    If it is a medical reason, you can have a prescription written and insurance may cover.
  • T. A. Hensley - SWEET!!! Recommendstarting over from Q2003. was able to sync with data from bank 14 months back. the only issue i haven't resolved is converting and importing older data from Quicken 2003. even if i can't it's still 5 stars so far.

    i'll update the review after i try another approach to import data beyond the 14 months
  • Gary P. Thaller "gershon" - My new videos don't suck - so what?I have the most hated video on Youtube. 66,000 views, 632 dislikes and 2 likes. It was put up as a joke, so I consider it a success. Almost everyday a comment shows up in my email about how much this video sucks.

    Before reading this book, I'd suggest making a video. A good topic is "How to Change a Flat Tire." Put it up on Youtube ad see what happens.

    Then, after reading the book, do a remake of the video.

    It's almost certain the first video will suck and the second won't. The interesting thing is the second video will be much easier to make.
  • MooMoo - Good makeup for those prone to acne breakoutsI have been using this product for about half a year now. I love it! I have had acne for four years, and this is the only face product that I have used since my skin started to completely clear up. I'm not sure if the foundation itself has properties that prevent or eliminate acne, but it has certainly not caused it. Additionally, the foundation hides redness and acne scars very well. I went to the doctor's office to get some medication for my acne, and she asked if I had redness. Apparently, she said that my makeup covered it up so well that she didn't even notice that I had redness on both sides of my cheek. So the point is that it could be good for acne-prone individuals.